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  1. oh my team won our first game this season over this past weekend


  2. lol nice a lot of people ik are saying that lately :P

  3. haha basketball..Im terrible at it.

  4. It's going good except I'm just a little tired and sore oh and I'm really nervous cause I have a basketball game at 8

  5. aussieincal

    I'm Feminine?

    I think every guy has been accused of being gay once...I must say...I just ignore people and if they are persistent, then I kindly say...just leave me alone and stop playing me to your fantasy
  6. aussieincal

    Any other non-athletic geeks out there?

    Its probably smart to play sports or just do any physical activity, I do play on the computer but I also go outside and work out until it burns..no pain no gain! Eating healthy helps my mind and so does working out. although I am smart, Im fairly proficient at mathematics, and I have no urge to major in science, but I am business oriented.
  7. its going pretty well actually. you?

  8. Lol:P. How's it going?

  9. aussieincal

    Home fitness anyone?

    I created my own home 1 hour work out routine I do a couple times a week, its made a huge difference because I don't have a gym membership anymore xd
  10. ahha wow. your is chinese cluster of colors...aaah my eyes

  11. aussieincal

    Obama: Worst President Ever?

    Its debatable whether his is the worst or best or somewhere in between president. In my opinion, generally an incumbent, someone who is already in office, always wins the reelection, unless they have an extremely low approval rating. Im sure there is a time when an incumbent didn't win the reelection, Im just trying to think of an example.
  12. Did u know u can change the background on ur profile?

    I just did and now its really colorful :P

  13. I've met a transgendered person before, their is definitely something to be said about the "odd" factor meaning the shock value. However, I'm not here to judge. I sort of feel sorry for those people, because even today it seems outlandish to completely change your gender through surgery to a number of people. Anyway, Im on the fence about this one.
  14. aussieincal

    Dragon Age Origins

    I was randomly on youtube. Found some random games people were playing and watching. I saw this game called "Rage" which was about humans after some apocalyptic episode and waking up from the past in this time period. This game was a bit too horror oriented for my liking. It would be one of the games Id watch someone play but have no real desire to play it myself. Anyway, then I stumbled upon Dragon Age Origins. I later found out Dragon Age II was released. I watched some videos of Dragon Age Origins, I really enjoy Medieval fiction genre in general. Normally I dislike single player games which are an epic quest. I later found on Amazon an EA sponsored download for Mac! I could not believe my eyes. I never really considered digital download but I thought, eeh what the hay. It looks challenging. I never really got into M rated games, however, this one just has some blood here and there which apparently makes a game rated M. It says 4-13hours download time. I bought the game after thinking about it if I didn't make that clear. I work a 7.25 hour shift at work today, get off close to 10pm, its downloading faster than expected. I guess my "mac" computer company decided to finally enable digital download of some cool windows games. Or maybe it was the doing of EA expanding their market base, who knows. Has anyone played through the entire game? It seems like a legitimate use of my potential gaming time. I shall decide whether the 19.95 was worth it. haha. Share your thoughts
  15. aussieincal

    Registered to Vote?

    Im registered and I plan to vote when the next election comes up.