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    Being extremely awesome. Herding wild geese. Searching for a black hole. time traveling. Contemplating which side of the mirror I'm on...I also like to read.

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  1. Hello ^.^ I'm Daniel. I see you've met my daughter Allison XD Ha ha we look forward to seeing you around the threads and getting to know you more ^.^
  2. I think that's how Wal Mart got started, Greg.
  3. Since I seem to destroy everything I touch and make people mad at me everywhere I go, I'll just bug out of all these threads. I'm not looking for trouble. If I was there'd be a whole lot more to this post because you have no idea how much I want to say. My opinions haven't changed and nothing you could say would make them. The accusations and judgements have been hurtful though. None of you know me. Don't get all high and mighty because you insulted a 15 year old kid. Whoop dee do. And we get it Foofer. You dont like me, I dont like you. Let's just not pour gasoline on this fire and turn it to hate. Hmm?
  4. You're wrong Evan. This is all a dream.
  5. A message from our Sun Princess regarding the absence of a rapture of all the Christian ponies:
  6. No rapture. Looks like I need to go study for Finals *grumble* ---------- Post added at 08:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:34 PM ---------- Equestria Daily posted this at 6 PM today:
  7. The WBC speeches don't go against the Constitution, though. Debates over the existance of God go against the rules of CTF.
  8. It's 6PM in every time zone apparantly. So I get taken an hour before the midwest since i lvie on the east coast according to the site (which is suspiciously down)
  9. I'm looking up the website owned by the guy who predicted this to see how he's saving face. It says it's down due to security maintenance. Yeah right.
  10. I don't need a lecture. It's not hard to stock up on pads ya know. Get em before you need them so that your husband DOESN'T have to make a midnight run to Walgreen's.
  11. No it's 6 PM in every time zone So, I live in Virginia. So I'll be taken an hour before Christians in Texas
  12. Stop being flirty if you aren't interested. Then he gets interested in you, and you weren't even interested. Then after awhile you want him to get away from you so you ignore him completely even though just a day ago you were talking to him non stop. Then you keep ignoring him until he's crushed and gives up. I'm not still bitter about how you handled it, Angela >.> ---------- Post added at 03:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:24 PM ---------- 90% of the time. Sometimes I just need to be alone.
  13. It's 6PM in every time zone. its weird And most of the media is making a point to say most Christians dont believe this to be true. so its not like its harming christianity.
  14. Well It's past 6pm in europe and im talking to grace right now so.... i think theyre wrong
  15. tl;dr