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    Ponyville, Equestria
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    Being extremely awesome. Herding wild geese. Searching for a black hole. time traveling. Contemplating which side of the mirror I'm on...I also like to read.

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    High School Sophmore
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    The Great Romance
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    Daniel (but my Bronies call me Applejack)
  1. Daniel, I miss having you on ctf! D=

  2. Daniel! If you ever leave CTF, I will hunt you down like Englishman hunted Johnny!

  3. *reappears* And I come to hear you're my daughter now too XD fantastic! :) *disappears again*

  4. Hello ^.^ it's grace's husband Daniel here! She told me you were joining. Good to see you on here :D *disappears*

  5. Hey man, seen the videos for the new Assassins Creed game yet? 'Tis actually pretty sweet lookin'.

  6. sir, your son in law has returned

  7. Daniel_of_Southern


    Hello ^.^ I'm Daniel. I see you've met my daughter Allison XD Ha ha we look forward to seeing you around the threads and getting to know you more ^.^
  8. Haven't seen you around much lately. What's up?

  9. My wedding will be at 4 your time on Thursday, if you would like to join us. ^.^

  10. Ohh sorry forgot. Skype?

  11. I can't. Computer virus remember?

  12. Well of course because you are a beast. But go easy on the other nerds okay? XD

    Wanna flashchat or anything?

  13. Ewww a PE final? I'm sorry. :sad: We don't have those. XD In fact I'm not even in PE hehe.