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  1. Saw a reversed version of this in the woman's forum and thought we should do the same. I wish girls knew how critical they can be, even when they aren't aware of it.
  2. Daniel_of_Southern

    Which option are you gonna choose?

    Don't even pretend all the other polls aren't as pointless as this one.
  3. Daniel_of_Southern

    The Epic CTF Song Mashup

    Let's get a never ending song going. We just post a line from any song and the next person has to post a line or two from a completely dif song that rhymes with the last line I'll start out A couple of years and I'm a silhouette My halo is broken now, and I'm all thats left
  4. Daniel_of_Southern

    The ABCs of Giving Thanks

    I saw this on another sight and though it was pretty cool. In honor of Thanksgiving we will go through the ABCs saying stuff we give thanks for. I start out with something starting with A, then the next person posts something theyre thankful for that starts with B and we keep going. Once we get to Z, we start over again. Animals
  5. *reappears* And I come to hear you're my daughter now too XD fantastic! :) *disappears again*

  6. Hello ^.^ it's grace's husband Daniel here! She told me you were joining. Good to see you on here :D *disappears*

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    Hello ^.^ I'm Daniel. I see you've met my daughter Allison XD Ha ha we look forward to seeing you around the threads and getting to know you more ^.^
  8. I don't think a similar thread has been started yet, but if it has then sorry. I decided I wanted a place for all the MLP fans to gather and update each other on news regarding the show as well as discussing anything related to the show. Feel free to spam with Pony pictures if you so desire. Also, I would really appreciate it if the anti-pony people stayed respectful and kept out of the thread. Feel free to counter this with an official anti-mlp thread if you so desire. Just stay out of this one please.
  9. I can't. Computer virus remember?

  10. Daniel_of_Southern

    God debates

    I think that's how Wal Mart got started, Greg.
  11. Ok. My computer has had a virus since Sunday. The only way I'm talking to you is with my iPod. Im using the virus as an excuse to lay low, because I can post from my iPod. It is very slow though.

  12. Thanks. Nothin I can do bout it though ha ha

  13. Yeah I have stress pouring in from every aspect of my life. My stomach always gets upset and nautious when I'm stressed, so my stomach has been very quesy for 2 weeks now. The night before my first final it got so bad I was just in pain. I was freaking out over everything. I just can't seem to get a break wherever I go.

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    Stuff you wish Girls Knew

    Since I seem to destroy everything I touch and make people mad at me everywhere I go, I'll just bug out of all these threads. I'm not looking for trouble. If I was there'd be a whole lot more to this post because you have no idea how much I want to say. My opinions haven't changed and nothing you could say would make them. The accusations and judgements have been hurtful though. None of you know me. Don't get all high and mighty because you insulted a 15 year old kid. Whoop dee do. And we get it Foofer. You dont like me, I dont like you. Let's just not pour gasoline on this fire and turn it to hate. Hmm?
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    You're wrong Evan. This is all a dream.
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    The Official My Little Pony Discussion Thread

    A message from our Sun Princess regarding the absence of a rapture of all the Christian ponies: