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    Unitarian Universalist!
    I've got to admit, I'm pretty liberal and open minded, however.

    *I'm pro-choice.
    *I'm pro-gays, trans-genders, and people who just haven't decided yet.
    *I'm pro-human.
    *I'm pro-Jesus.

    This is my blog. Not that I expect anyone to read it, but here it is!

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    Washington state.
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    *Being outside
    *Exploring new views.
    *Discussing ideas over warm drinks near a fire.
    *Never, ever judging anyone. It's not my place.
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    Unitarian Universalist Christian
  1. You need to return to CTF, open-minded one. Or so help me!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I miss you OMGirl get your booty back on CTF.

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Welcome To CTF my fellow non-christian!!! :)

  5. Hey there! How's it goin?

  6. OpenMindedGirl

    Males Can’t Be “Forcibly Raped”— According to the FBI

    Annoying, no? I want to do something about this. It's really not fair.
  7. OpenMindedGirl

    Monster gender

    Ha. Age 14. Yes, I understand now.
  8. First of all, that's life. You're going to move out eventually. It's going to be a culture shock. Besides, culture is a *GOOD* thing to understand, not a bad thing. This is not an okay thing: at all. You need to talk to an adult about this the next time you see one. It could be abuse.
  9. OpenMindedGirl

    the black swan

    I can't wait to see it. Everything I've heard about it has been REALLY positive.
  10. OpenMindedGirl

    Monster gender

    Why? Anyone could look it up by themselves. I'm simply curious what is so wrong with a portrayal of a person that happens to have nudity in it? It was not in a sexual manner. Just wondering...
  11. OpenMindedGirl

    Ladies, please excuse my boldness!

    First off, just thought I should get this out of the way: No matter what you're wearing or doing, even if you are a drunk high passed out prostitute, you do *not* deserve to be raped. Thought I should just get that out of the way. Secondly, I think that our society has a very skewed and immature attitude towards sexuality. They are turned breasts into something that is stupidly enough, "hot." Sure, I suppose the shape of them is sensual. There is a huge line between sensual and sexual. Showing a little bit of natural cleavage is not *bad*. You're a woman. It happens. On the other hand, wearing shirts that cut down to your belly buttons are perhaps only appropriate at a night club.
  12. OpenMindedGirl

    Males Can’t Be “Forcibly Raped”— According to the FBI

    This is *so* silly. Of course men can be raped, by other men or women. It's simply unwanted sexual contact, and it *could* easily happen. This makes me angry. If we ever want gender equality, we need to stop telling men that they're tough and women that they are delicate.
  13. OpenMindedGirl

    A Lack of Interest

    Meh, you may just be a late bloomer. It's possible, but as others have stated above, you could just be someone who isn't interested in sex. It's nothing *wrong* with you, unless you are bothered by it. If it bothers you, I'm sure that you could find some kind of hormone therapy/vitamins that will help you. Who knows? Either way, I wish you the best of luck.
  14. OpenMindedGirl

    How does the media affect teens sexually

    Beautiful. Thanks.
  15. OpenMindedGirl

    How does the media affect teens sexually

    I had to google what that means. It means you agree...right? Or am I totally off?