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  1. Aw.... :( I hope everything gets better for you, I really do. Life for me has been mostly good. On track for getting my degree in nursing, just moved into a new place, and just trying to find a job with enough hours. :P Kind of stressful, but otherwise good. lol

  2. Been better, thanks, but I'm holding up well. :) Better than when I left, anyway. How's life for you?

  3. raerae19

    Ask A Guy

    Fair enough, I would agree with you on that, thanks for your response! I agree, and I have no problem with my SO looking through my phone... but I woke up from a nap to find him going through my texts on the DL. And something about that bothered me. So I just kinda wondered what could have been going through his head, since he wouldn't give me a straight answer.
  4. Aw, don't worry. We'll be lame TOGETHER XP It's just that every time there's another one, so I JUST NEEDED TO BE SURE v_v

  5. raerae19

    Ask A Guy

    Here's one for you guys: Would you ever go through your girlfriend's phone? Why, or why not? Is it ever acceptable? AND... if she went through yours, what would your reaction be?
  6. This is what I am doing right now. Love. Today I dropped off about a million resumes, got a call for an interview at the place that I LEAST want to work, and walked all around my new neighborhood, which is a lot more sketchy than I originally thought. O___O
  7. Hahaha thanks for making me seem like a very lame person, JOSH. :P

  8. Hahaha, this is very good to know! It's been a while, how are ya??

  9. I'm still alive. :)

  10. hmm, all right. that's true once you put it that way ^^ it's just that there've been so many boyfriends that I have trouble remembering who's who. There was the one in the military, the bi one, the not-boyfriend who was your brother. .is Ricardo a keeper? ^^

  11. It was for the best. :) It hurt my pride more than anything, but he was emotionally unavailable. And if he hadn't done me the favour of dumping me, I would never have met Ricardo on Christmas. :)

  12. yeah, we'll manage somehow. once I move, though, I'll get a job, which'll help a little.

    . .he dumped you?! SHOW ME THE MAN, THAT I MAY PUNCH HIS FACE WITH MY FIST >:o you sure it was for the best? ;_; I'm sorry though.

  13. I know the feel, bro. :( It's been hard for me to swing college too, and it's a lot cheaper over here! LOL oh yes, Andrew. Well, he dumped me. It sucked, but worked out for the best.

  14. Not quite sure yet, though I'm still looking. It's all quite confuzzling, especially when your family doesn't have a lot of money XD Hmm. December. October. Last time we properly talked was before October, so I think you had a boyfriend XD And that sounds like fun. YOU WILL BE AMAZING.

    And, since I told you this back when we first started talking two-ish years ago, I still love that picture of yours that's your profile picture <3

  15. I am barely back here myself...