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    Lesse, my Biography... Brunette, blue eyes, thin. I have a "special spot" (as we like to call it) under my left arm. I am very sensitive, especially on certain issues. I am very shy in real life, but once you get to know me I open up a bit more. I enjoy reading. I like to play videogames. I'm a 90's addict, I'm a Methodist. I'm a dog enthusiast and activist, and a cat activist. Basically I'm just a small-town country girl trying to make it in a crazy world! <3
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    I don't know right now...
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    Dogs, cats, rescue, shelters, signing animal-related petitions, spending time with Oliver and Daisy, writing, reading, texting, going online...
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    Unconditional Love
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  1. Mad_Dog


    Lost Lost, in a sea of green. Lost, in emotions unfound. Lost, in thoughts so unseen. Lost, in a world so dark. Lost... Help. Me. *Sigh* ...
  2. Mad_Dog

    New KJ-52 Album: March 2012

    Neat. I like KJ-52's stuff. Saw them in concert once I think...
  3. Mad_Dog

    Hello. o:

    Welcome to CTF.
  4. ^ QFT. You cannot change someone, why try to? (Well okay, you CAN try and change them... But it's hard as heck to. So why bother...?)
  5. Mad_Dog

    Happy Birthday Johnna!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday.
  6. Mad_Dog


    Don't. You. DARE. Break my heart. He said he was beat you up if u did. I know you said you wouldn't, but... *Sigh* Couples get in little spats. That happens, sometimes. I love you so much. A bit too much, like you said. I'll back off some, with the love. If that's what it takes to keep our relationship in tact and strong and working and firm, then I'll do it. I would do anything for you. Anything. Please don't shatter my dreams. Thanks, man... Thanks. I need it. All that I can get, really. ._. *Siiiigh*
  7. Mad_Dog

    Prayer request

    Please pray for me. I feel like I am getting a bit sick. Yesterday, I felt fine. Today, I have a little cough and my nose is kinda running a little. ...And I'm cold... And in need of a hug... Please pray I don't feel well.
  8. Mad_Dog

    New member here

    Welcome to CTF.
  9. Mad_Dog


    Mhm. They look at me and I'm just like "I just know you wanna spit in my face! D:" *Is watching "The Ring"* O.O
  10. Mad_Dog


    I'm afraid of llamas for that very reason. ._.
  11. Mad_Dog


    Or a llama.
  12. Mad_Dog

    Calling Canadians

    I cannot vote, for there is no poll. D:
  13. Mad_Dog


    Hey y'all. How are y'all?