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  1. A friend of mine's mother is in a bad state, and is going to be touch and go for nearly a month. Please keep him, his mother, and their family in their prayers.

  2. Radical Edward

    What foreign religion interests you most?

    Technically none of these religions are 'foreign', since there are Americans/Westerners who practice all of these religions. But Judaism has always interested me on a deep level.
  3. Oh? What does then? What about the "nature and structure of marriage" eludes same sex couples? My parents have been in an incredibly passionate and loving relationship for over two decades and I see nothing about their relationship that I or anyone else could not achieve with the right person, regardless of that person's gender. If I fell in love with a woman (and I am attracted to women as well as men), her simply being a woman would not make it impossible for me to love her the same way my mother loves my father, or vice versa. Is it religion? My parents are both atheists and are married, and I'm sure you're not about to say that they shouldn't be purely because of their lack of religion. Is it children? Couples who are either unwilling or unable to have children marry all the time, not to mention the fact that same-sex couples are more than capable of adopting or using other means of having children. What special, uniquely heterosexual factor is there to marriage, in your opinion?
  4. Radical Edward

    Is the rebel flag racist?

    Yes, it is. Because what does it symbolize? Nothing good. Nothing pure. It represents one of, if not the, greatest example of self-inflicted injury in American history, and why was it done? The right to own people. To dehumanize and enslave them. Is the north that much better? No. Lincoln wasn't some progressive delight; he was just as racist as the rest of them. But flying the flag doesn't celebrate anything other than the fight for the right to own human beings. Now, should the individual be deprived of the right to showcase their unpleasantness to the world and fly a flag the represents a rebellion based on the right to own black people? No. But the confederate flag flies on Southern government buildings as a result of their protesting the Civil Rights movement. It represents nothing but pain, and thus should not be flown with any other flag, state or national, on government property.
  5. Radical Edward

    Early 2016 Election Poll

    It really was because the country we went to war with had nothing to do with 9/11.
  6. Radical Edward

    Early 2016 Election Poll

    And Obama allegedly promising more jobs than what he has managed to create is better than lying to the American public and starting a pointless war with a Middle Eastern country that destroyed our economy and plunged us into a spiral of debt that we have not been able to recover from in over a decade, the way the last Republican president did. The current candidates are no better. I'm pro-Sanders, personally, but I'd be willing to vote for any Democratic candidate over who the Republican party's drudged up.
  7. After looking up my friend/co-worker's preferred presidential candidate, I am struck by the fact that one can still be an utter idiot, no matter how many degrees one may have.

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    2. Buoyancy


      I want chuck norris to run D:

    3. Buoyancy


      I want chuck norris to run D:

    4. Bryce B.
  8. Radical Edward

    Is Islam a bad religion?

    Wow, you used Google Translate to passive aggressively "hide" your text. Fact of the matter is, you clearly don't know much about the Quran at all, definitely not enough to critique anything it says and certainly not enough to make blanket statements about all Muslims based on a few nitpicked sections of it. It's easy to pick out little pieces of text out of a massive work and say what you like, but you can do the same thing to the Bible and make the same conclusions.
  9. Radical Edward

    Is Islam a bad religion?

    And, as was foretold, JAG refuses to acknowledge his alarming Islamophobia and racism and ignores everything written because that way, it's easier to sneer. Excuse me while I go my smelling salts.
  10. Radical Edward

    Is Islam a bad religion?

    @JAG, I realize that you will not take this well, that you will twist and turn to avoid it, but I will not feel comfortable until it's been said. You are being alarmingly racist right now. So the vast contributions of the Muslim world are just fingerprintings? The scientific discoveries, the cultural upheavals, the gorgeous works of art... Everything ever accomplished or concieved by the Muslim world is unimportant, nothing worth cheering over except to make them feel better. But literally everything Christianity's done, oh, they're the true masters of all. Algebra? Trigonometry? Chemistry? Cryptology? Created by Muslims and thus petty garbage. The syringe? The forceps? Bah. The first accurate discription of how human vision works? Who needs it? Every contribution the (Middle Eastern) Muslim world has ever made, large or small, is simply a fingerpainting to (Western) Christianity's massive genius. In short, what the brown people have contributed to humanity is automatically inferior to what the white people have done, no matter what those contributions are. And those brown Muslims need to be "neutered" by the white Christian west. The things you're saying in this thread are not rooted in a logical view of the Muslim world. They are rooted in racism, in a frankly false belief that Muslims are inferior to Christians, and that anything the Muslims have done is therefore inferior to anything the Christians have done. The contributions of the Muslim world to the world at large are not a fingerpainting, JAG, and you should seriously look at yourself for saying so. The whole world is a mural, not just Chrisitianity. And every culture and people and religion have a part in that mural. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the countries of Africa, South America, Central America, North America, the Middle East, Asia, Russia. Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam both Sunni and Shiite. They're all part of the mural, making the mural, and they've all made contributions both good and bad.
  11. Radical Edward

    Is Islam a bad religion?

    Nevermind that the Middle East is the only reason a great deal of Greek and Roman works survived, since the Middle Eastern, predominately Muslim nations were the onces that kept and copied ancient works. Nevermind that Arabic was once the language of science. Nevermind that there have been numerous Muslim scientists throughout history that have made vast contributions to the sciences. Nevermind that the first, oldest university in the world, the University of al-Qarawiyyin, was established in Fez, Morocco in 859 A.D. and became a spiritual and educational center of the Muslim world. Nah, Christianity did all that. There was no such thing as hospitals or universities in the Muslim world, no scientific advancement. Only stagnation, just poor, lost base savages without the Christian West to "neuter" them. Yeesh, JAG.
  12. Had to work with a SPECTACULARLY rude woman the past two days, who also just LEFT a patient when she knew they'd called up to the front desk for help. Reporting her for unprofessionalism on Monday.

  13. Radical Edward

    The Jenner Question

    Normally I'd be all over this, but I just spent a week with another Airman who is singularly obsessed with Caitlyn Jenner in the worst way, mentioning her whenever a topic remotely related comes up to tell us that he wishes she were dead or mutilated and calling her a freakshow and an 'it'. I will simply say that in my opinion, gender is a social construct that is seperate from physical sex, though they've been assumed to be the same for so long that it's difficult to remember that. Gender is simply a series of social expectations put on people with certain physical characteristics, and can some people with penises what to follow the social cues generally considered for people with breasts and vaginas? Absolutely. Does that make them inhuman freakshows, as my charming fellow states, or some sort of showcase of a corruption of design? No. And until my "friend" stops being terrible for longer than a day whenever this subject or any subject like it comes up, that's all I'll say about it.
  14. Radical Edward

    Dismemberment Abortion Ban

    @Zabby I might have to do it tomorrow. Depends on how quickly I get a mailbox and how late the library's open. I think it closes at five on Mondays, which is ridiculous but the graduating class here decided to be terrible people and leave a massive mess behind for us to clean up, so that took up some time.