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  1. thanks for telling me. However, there is a prefix there that should count context. Some things you just know are not suppose to be done, period. Other things are less objective. For example. I don't like American football, but that doesn't mean nobody should watch it. I also don't like jumping off of 50 foot bridges into freezing cold water, and I'm sure that it is not healthy for any person to do likewise. Honestly, I can say that people will not find total satisfaction in cross-dressing, or any sort of gender changing. It will wear off someday. Maybe not soon, but someday it will wear off and leave the person feeling empty. and just so you know, there is a dangerous way of thinking that says most things are relative to each person. What may be right for you may not be right for me. It has some truth to it, but most people believe it to a stupid and harmful degree.
  2. just open it up and read it? another thing. You are NOT unspiritual because you do not read the Bible, so do not feel guilty about the fact that somehow you are not living as your should. But honestly, just pick it up, and read it. When you do not understand something, think about it for a while. a quote I heard from a pastor a long time ago. It is not important to go through the Bible once in a year, but for the Bible to go through you, once in a lifetime.
  3. I know it is wrong. Not because of a obligatory rule in the Old Testament, but from personal experience. I use to cross dress as a hobby, but my heart would be convicted before God. It is not the way for me, as a male to live before God. It does not glorify Him. It was harmful to me, and it is harmful, just not in the way one expects. It slowly degrades your morality from the inside. The danger of cross-dressing is that it is a stepping stone for worse moral choices that will destroy a person down the road. In the end clothing is clothing, but they are also cultural reflective symbols. We interpret clothing as a symbol. A suit often for business, t-shirt and shorts for outdoor summer wear. Basically clothing is practical, and culturally symbolic. There are many reasons for cross-dressing, but really people will not find who they really are in clothing, but in Jesus. No man will truly feel like himself wearing woman's clothing. A man will only find true identity in Jesus. I know this from personal experience. The same with a woman. She will not find her true identity in any clothing, but in Jesus. The only thing we will find in clothing is a dream of putting ourselves into a social role symbolized by the clothing we are wearing, and in the end that fleeting dream will take everything from us, and leave us with nothing.
  4. WWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GO Iran! hows that for a safe post?
  5. This poll is not Canadian friendly :< I jest of course :] oh these it would be baseball though.
  6. but what love that women has. Perhaps some people would have aborted the baby, but the 49 year old mother carrying her daughter's baby? That is pretty fantastic.
  7. It gave our country the best finish we ever had, so no complaints here :]
  8. Testament is another word for Covenant. The Old Testament is a compilation of writings ranging from early writings like Job and the Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy) to later writings of the prophets like Hagai. It has different writings styles from poetry (psalms and some of the prophets) to wisdom literature (proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, etc) to historical writings (Joshua, Chronicles, etc) and the law/instruction (Torah means both law or instruction). Probably the most important question that the Old Testament answer is "Who is God?" The Old Testament is one story whose main character is God and His dealings with humans mainly a small group of unimpressive size and strength called Israel. Probably the most important parts of the Old Testament are the Patriarchal narratives (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Genesis) The Burning Bush (where God reveals His Name to Moses, and in their culture name = identity) The Exodus and Wilderness stories The story of David The message of the Prophets. What is mostly untaught in many congregations in North America today is that a vast majority of Christian thinking (doctrine and Theology) is from the Old Testament. Most of what Jesus taught was from the Old Testament and many of the New Testament writings are grounded in the Old Testament. We should not go the way of the Heretic Marcion who believe the God of the Old Testament was evil and cruel, while the God of the New Testament was loving, because the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. WE use the words "the LORD" but that is more or less a translation of a barrier put around the word "do not take the Name of Yahweh in vain" so the Israelites believed if they never spoke God's name they would not transgress. God's name is YHWH (we don't actually know the vowels) and we assume it is pronounced Yahweh. Yahweh is actually a verb in the Hebrew language meaning (I am who I am, or it can mean I will be who I will be), and it is the Name of God. Jesus who is the Anointed One (Messiah/Christ) to save all man is Yahweh in flesh. The same God who deals with Israel in the Old Testament is the same who comes down to live among us in the New Testament. Now let's not go the way of Jewish legalism, Christians are not bound to the Torah of the Old Testament for we have new hearts and the Torah (law/instruction) is written on our hearts by God. This means we don't out of obligation do the law, but out of our new Nature it is God who gives us the grace to naturally keep the law. We don't need the law because we are no longer law breakers (the law is really made against those who go against it, and does not affect the law abiding person), we are no longer bounded by the sacrificing of the Israelites, nor their worship nor feasts, for our sacrifice is Jesus and our worship is "Spirit and Truth" and our "feasts" will be in Heaven. The Christian is thus bound by the nature of God dwelling in us "mercy, compassion, grace, long-suffering, full of steadfast covenant love and faithfulness, justice, and righteousness (see Exodus 34:6-7, and Psalm 89:14). In the Old Testament man is invited to know God as Yahweh (I WILL BE who I WILL BE, or I AM who I AM). This means we know God by what He does and what He has done. The knowing of God is through God's actions and promises and deliverance. God says this is His name forever and a remembrance to all generations. It`s the idea of taking a deep look back on what God has done, and seeing around you what God is doing, and looking forward in expectation to what God will do, while at the same time observing yourself and humbling yourself before Him. In the Old Testament man is called to submit to Yahweh and worship Him while participating in the pouring of God's blessings on "all families of the earth." The Old Testament shows us God's ultimate plan for every human. It was God's promise to Abraham which is key "through you all nations will be blessed" (genesis 12). Yahweh is a God who desires to bless (to bring life) to all nations and families. Man is called to be a participant in this work of Yahweh. The New Testament goes deeper than the Old Testament, for in the Old Testament man was invited to know God as Yahweh, while in the New Testament man is invited to know God as "Father" through eh blood and the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit while living on earth and was the only man to fully worship God as man ought to. Remembering that Jesus is both man and Yahweh, literally Yahweh reproducing Himself as a man. He knew God as Father and was the first human ever to know Yahweh as Father. None of the major characters in the Old Testament (patriarchs, Moses, David, Major Prophets) knew God as Father, but Jesus knew God as Father, and invites us into the same relationship. at the Ascension of Christ He was given the title of Yahweh, and while the greek word kurios means also Master, there are cases in the New Testament where it means "Yahweh" so Jesus is called Jesus, Yahweh the Anointed One. Through the redemption of His blood man is cleansed from the infection and the perversion of sin that has tainted our nature since the first days of mankind. Jesus takes away our infection of sin and replaces it with the nature of Yahweh. Literally we are invited to give up our sin and its infectious effect on us in order that we may receive the nature of God in its place. This is done by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, also called "The Spirit of the Sonship of Jesus Christ" by whom we as in God and God is in us just as God was in Jesus and Jesus in God. In effect we become "Mini Jesus'" here on earth (1 John 4:17, Philippians 2:5). Thus man becomes a new creation a mixture of the created man and the indwelling Spirit of God. By this man is truly able to worship as God is seeking (John 4:23). Our worship is not sacrificing bulls or calves, but the living as a Child of God knowing God as Father. It is only through The Spirit of The Sonship of Jesus Christ dwelling in us and who changes and molds us to become more like Jesus here on earth overcoming the ingrown habits of sin. Thus we are a living worship, we are the sacrifice of worship to God, not dead but alive in Christ who died for us. The New Testament invites man to this life. Man is invited more than to bless all nations but to be the light of God to a world in darkness, a hope to the hopeless, a strength to the weak, the arm who feeds and clothes, and the feet who go bringing good news. We become (in a sense) God's action in this world. While in the Old Testament man is invited to look upon the works of God through a few individuals and His mighty power, the New Testament invites us to be the works of God in the world. This is not an a legalism that forces us to do so, but our new nature gives us a new love for God which was once not there, and out of our free will we willingly lay down ourselves to bring the Kingdom of God to this world. Obviously the Bible contains more than this, but it is wrapped around God and His great love for mankind, but this love is far deeper and far more amazing than anything we've ever known.You should really read it because it is a beautiful collection of writings, and it changes people.
  9. with no joking Psalm 88 is one of my favourite. There are like 5 that I really like but this one is the only one I cna think of at the moment.
  10. because Jesus spoke to me and told me myown christianity was a lie and i was going to Hell, and thatI needed to be saved by the grace of Jesus Christ alone!
  11. the idea that the God of the Old Testament is violent and the God of the New Testament is not, is a heresy called Marcionism. Read Exodus 34:6-8 for an amazing proclamation of who God is. Realize that God allowed 400+ years for the Canaanites to repent yet they didn't. They sacrificed children as was their religious custom. Read the prophets and how they speak of justice and righteousness and read the Pentateuch to see that God wants obedience to His word in love, and faith to believe Him.
  12. The problem is with the heart, and cannot be attained through wearing a bracelet no matter what that bracelet symbolizes. You need to have an overcoming heart that is being renewed daily by the Holy Spirit. Also try being thankful in the little things; in every little thing from everyone. A heart of thankfulness will not be quick to judge.
  13. Romans 8:29 says that Jesus might be the first born with many brothers and sisters and many places God is referred to as Father. The question is though, can you prove that Jesus is your brother or Father by your life?
  14. There are many "Christians" who live with their head and knowledge yet they really don't know Christ at all. There are many "Christians" who take the name of Christ and do not know Him at all. Jesus Christ isn't a Doctrine but a being who is more concerned with your heart than your head. (health of soul versus knowledge) Jesus came so that we may know Him and the true God personally, so that He might take away all our sins and immerse us with His Spirit and His presences. These are promises for every believer (Matthew 3:11, Matthew 1:21 John 17:3), just ask and be honest with God. God desires an honest heart more than a knowledgable brain.
  15. fear of darkness is normal. I have it, and I sleep with a nightlight, well at least when I am home, at university I don't. courage is doing something even though you are completely afraid to do it. It may be something you struggle with but everything will be just fine, trust the light who has conquered the darkness, and the darkness will become like light so that you will no longer be afraid.