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    "I have faith that God will show you the answer. But you have to understand that sometimes it takes a while to be able to recognize what God wants you to do. That's how it often is. God's voice is usually nothing more than a whisper, and you have to listen very carefully to hear it. But other times, in those rarest of moments, the answer is obvious and rings as loud as a church bell."
    — Nicholas Sparks (The Last Song) :)

    Verse 1:
    Oh Lord You've searched me,
    You know my way;
    Even when I fail You,
    I know You love me.
    Your holy presence
    Surrounding me
    In every season,
    I know You love me;
    I know You love me.

    At the cross I bow my knee
    Where Your blood was shed for me,
    There's no greater love than this.
    You have overcome the grave
    Your glory fills the highest place
    What can separate me now?
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    I love playing basketball!
    I love to sing and I sing for my Church choir.
    I love to watch movies, go shopping, hangout with family/ friends.
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    Joc :)
  1. Be Blessed I've had questions without answers I've known sorrow, I have known pain But there's one thing that I cling to You are faithful, Jesus You're true When hope is lost I call You Saviour When pain surrounds I call You Healer When silence falls You'll be the song within my heart (one of my Favs!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITh9IH1p-ME The first song has helped me cope with stress a lot in my life. Knowing that He holds my past present AND FUTURE makes me want to run to him even more because he reminds me not to worry but to be assured.
  2. I know that You are for me. I know that You are for me. I know that You will never, forsake me in my weaknesses I know that You have come now, even if to write upon my heart. To remind me who You are.
  3. http://www.biblestudytools.com This website has an online bible and a community to help him read the bible and Understand it more. Praying Jesus said to His followers during His ministry on earth, "And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake, shall find it." Matt. 10:38,39.
  4. Praying
  5. This is a hardship that will strengthen your faith. Keep praying and whatever happens I promise its for the Good. People who love God will go through many things that will test their faith. Don't let go of him. And your sister is right. Keep strong for your siblings and yourself. Pray to God to give you strength and dont forget that with him, everything is possible I will be praying!
  6. I think that you guys shouldn't be friends at this point. Well not now. Right now, him being in your life is causing you pain and stress in life. You guys NEED separation. Right now you think you cant live with him, but since he's changing his mind a lot. Just tell him " We need to separate for a while. Its nothing I have against you, but I honestly need the break. We can still be friends but I can't see or talk to you for a while". After a while, you will begin to see that you can live without him, and in those darkest times, go to God. I bet you this is a test. Your faith will be strengthened. And after some time, you can talk to him and it will be okay. You can get through this! Message me if you need anything and hope i helped.
  7. God probably took them out of your life because he wants people who would strengthen your faith to come along. It might seem weird now, but in the future, its probably for the best
  8. We go through a lot of storms in our life... Like loss of a job or friends leaving us. Sometimes these bad things happen because God "has our best interest in mind". When God takes away something or doesn't answer our prayers quickly, its because he has something BETTER planned for us in the future. ANd we can't see that. A father will NEVER want anything bad to happen to his children. Hope I helped
  9. *life
  10. Try your hardest to find a University that offers History... Do what you want to do because you have only One lfie.
  11. Its not selfish for you to be asking this. Everyone needs prayer. And i know what you mean with the school stress... Give it all to God. I read this somewhere on this website... It really helped me "I am the Lord your God. Today I will be handling all of your problems. Please remember that I do not need your help. If the devil happens to deliver a situation to you that you cannot handle, DO NOT attempt to resolve it. Kindly put it in the SFJTD (something for Jesus to do) box. It will be addressed in MY time, not yours. Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold on to it or attempt to remove it. Holding on or removal will delay the resolution of your problem. If it is a situation that you think you are capable of handling, please consult me in prayer to be sure that it is the proper resolution. Because I do not sleep nor do I slumber, there is no need for you to lose any sleep. Rest my child. If you need to contact me, I am only a prayer away. Love Eternally, The Lord your God Ill Be praying.
  12. He is there.. listening to every word you say. Promise. Just tell him that you need guidance and you will have it. And def. in my prayers .
  13. Hi Guys I just wanted to ask for ya'lls prayers. People from my church nominated me as one of the praise and worship leaders. I am soooo scared. I sang on stage so many times but I never thought that I would end up leading. Im excited but also I feel like there are so many obstacles ahead of me. I keep thinking that Im not capable of doing this.. but it must be in God's will or why else me? Right? Im confused, excited, scared... everything lol. Please help by saying a word of prayer for me. Thanks so much guys!
  14. Its hard for me to follow everything God wants me too. But I try my best to. And its really good that you put God into everything you do...Its a great practice! No one can actually follow exactly what God wanted them to do... then we wouldnt be sinners. It is important that we obey him... to the best of our abilities.. we are still human though ya know?
  15. Thanks