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  1. Sick of this lazy Christian muck. Later Ctf.

  2. JKAY

    About Donald Trump

    If he's elected he'll be an impotent figurehead. His "plans" aren't going to change anything. EDIT: He's still an imbecile and I'm not voting for him. I'm not so much worried about him as I am irritated with my fellow country men for taking him so seriously.
  3. JKAY

    About Donald Trump

    Native Americans. Americans are no authority on moral line drawing and you bothering to insinuate Native Americans can justifiably remotely be categorized as aliens is frankly disappointingly ignorant.
  4. JKAY


    Ooh Nice Boogles.
  5. JKAY

    People at school making me so mad!

    That's normal. If you take on these loud kids you need to invest in them.
  6. JKAY

    Why Are Some Christians Obsessed With The Illuminati??

    XD seriously?! They're bored. It's a pedantic hobby.
  7. JKAY


    ugh. Why do you all suck so much? Is it that hard to be ... decent? welll honestly, Maybe I'm not normal. I did learn to shut a lot of things off like immediately. I grew up taking care of my immediate family. The priorities... ugh. I feel sick. But honestly. you all suck... so much. It's disgusting. Maybe I'll learn enough to satisfy my boyfriend's standards and socialize with you scumbags for a little while so he doesn't feel bad. Then I'll just disappear because... you all.. .are really freaking wretched. Just unbelievably gross. I don't feel emotions like I know I've learned I should and I still know... the majority of you, you're just awful. CTF has some really messed up kids.
  8. JKAY


    Bad company was the best imo.
  9. JKAY

    Simulator of Squirrel

    Sorry not interested in a squirrel simulator... but you might like this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/squirrel-steals-gopro_us_57a93992e4b06adc11f14093
  10. JKAY

    Picture Post

    Excellent boogles.
  11. Heheheh bonga cams. Bloop BOT. EDIt for context. Advertisement has been taken down thanks mods.
  12. JKAY

    Does God hate me

    Entitys of the Christian religion wouldn't bother hating a single human. Humans hate you, maybe. Gods don't care. Sounds like you just need to calm down about the opinions of other people.
  13. JKAY

    Morning people

    Lol you're dangerous.
  14. JKAY

    Morning people

    *laughs* cool story bro.
  15. JKAY

    Star Trek vs Star Wars

    Star Wars. Because of the video games and Fanfiction/books. Tried star trek books. I must have picked some of the most pretentious authors out of the plethora of fanfiction published for that verse because woah. Turned me right off.