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Skye Baby <3

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  • Birthday 06/09/1997

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    Skye Lee... <3
    I Love Jesus, him and my Daddy are my heros!
    I like hangin' with my friends and family!
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    Paris, Texas!
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    Cheer all the way! Hangin' with friends, singin', dancin', shopin', i like sports but, i hate running alot!! lol...
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    To young!! ahaha... ;)
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    Morgan "Skye" Lee

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  1. Skye Baby <3

    Reily Babe <3

    but yeah.... Thats the names we allways call eachother its not just skye and reily... (: lol
  2. Skye Baby <3

    Reily Babe <3

    Everythang is just alrite!! (:
  3. hey newbie how are you?

    hope you are well im nick if you ever need to talk or anything please let me know huni

  4. You bear a striking resemblance to a girl I know named Erin......odd......

  5. Skye Baby <3

    Reily Babe <3

    For: Reily Babe....! Ok.. I got my friend Reily to get one of these!! and so.. U should talk to her! She's a pretty kool gurl! I lovee u Reily! (: see how our names are babe and baby.. Thats what we call eachother but we don't knoe whyy.. Ahaha!! <3 Skye Baby
  6. Skye Baby <3

    God, help her & him!

    Thanks!! Yeah.. Imma try to tlk to him about it!
  7. Skye Baby <3

    How do i deal with this???

    Thanks!! ya'll are so right!!
  8. Skye Baby <3

    Heyy :)

    Hehe.. thank ya!!
  9. Skye Baby <3

    How do i deal with this???

    ok.. let me explian it better!! This guy I've liked since FOREVER!! and we were "talkin talkin" for like 7 months we didn't go out (yet) because my dad doesn't want me to start dating, so, we were waiting forever so we could go out. Then my parents liked him and everything but then some stuff happened, and they "my dad" said we couldn't talk to each other and everything and he "the guy i like" just made 1 mistake and now because of that we can't talk to eachother but my dad doesn't know what all happend the guy i like said he was going to do somthing lets just say, "badd" but he didn't do it.. so now.. yeah... i tried talkin to my dad but all he wants to do is listen to hiself not me or my stepmom...
  10. Skye Baby <3

    Heyy it's Skye agian... (:

    haha, i hope i catch on sometime soon!
  11. Skye Baby <3


    hmm.. makes since! thanks.
  12. Skye Baby <3

    Heyy it's Skye agian... (:

    Thanks guys!! yeah.. im tryin' my best to figure this out.. lol
  13. Hey Skye! Welcome to CTF. (:

  14. Thanks for the friend request Skye ^^ So how are you doing today? Enjoying the site?

  15. Heya, Skye! Thanks for the add! Welcome to CTF :)