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    God blessed me with dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, and peaches and cream skin.
    I’m a Christian, and I absolutely love God, family and friends.
    A few other of my ‘loves’ are chocolate, shopping, night-time, gifts, words of affirmation and affection.
    Me in four words: sweet, optimistic and undeniably feminine :)
    Oh and I don’t bite. Unless you’re into that sort of thing...
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    Christian - Pentecostal
  1. sweetness


    ha um I guess you could say sexual full-on flirting can 'turn a person on' or make you look like a tease. I hope that answers your question, if not specify a bit more what you mean...
  2. sweetness


    I would disagree, not 'everyone has those dreams' and sometimes they can matter. In your case foofer, it sounds like your worried about this. I suggest praying about it for the moment
  3. sweetness

    Dating Boundaries

    I read the book boy meets girl: say hello to courtship and it was really good, but to an extent, some of the boundaries and rules the author set for himself and his girlfriend were a little extreme in my opinion. For example, one of the rules was that they could not kiss on the lips until their wedding day. That said, it sounds really cute, but its kind of unrealistic for many couples. I would set clear boundaries with the person, saying passionate kissing is acceptable sometimes, but no hot and heavy kissing sessions because thats pushing the boundary a bit...if you know what I mean.
  4. sweetness


    Will deffs be praying for your classmate, his family and friends. God bless!
  5. sweetness

    CTF Beach Party!!!

    Wheres this at? lol
  6. sweetness

    Slumber Party

    Sounds fun, but I live in Australia
  7. sweetness

    I dislike...

    I dislike I can't go into chat haha, I need more posts
  8. sweetness

    G'day everyone :D

    Thanks guys for the friendly welcomes Aha! Is that why I can't log into chat: you need a certain amount of posts...how many?
  9. sweetness

    Ask A Guy

    I'd love guys to give more compliments to women in general But only if the compliments are genuine and the guy is not just wanting something from me, I appreciate it then. The guy doesn't even have to be romantically interested or even friends - compliments from strangers are great too!
  10. sweetness

    New guy

    Hey there! I'm really new aswell, so welcome!! Have fun at bible college
  11. welcome to CTF sweetness!

  12. Heyy everyone!! How's it going? I'm new here and from Australia (near the places that are flooding, but I'm very safe where I am). I just graduated high-school and turned 18 yewww!! Am looking to meet a few cool Christian friends for friendship & fun (and to help me get to know more about what I can do on this site haha) --S xo
  13. sweetness

    Hello! :)

    Hey Lexy, I'm new also. But from Australia I've got friends affected by the floods you may have seen on the news, but I am so thankful God has protected my family and I. My area is very safe! I just graduated high-school! My favourite colours are pink and purple <3
  14. sweetness

    Ask A Guy

    What do guys like to be called most: babe, hottie, cutie, or other?