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    I'm just a normal teen really. I was homeschooled, and I love animals. Bugs in paticular. I go to a local Community College, and I'm currently hunting down a job.

    My personailty is...well. I'm quite shy in person until you get to know me. I voice my opinion and stick to it even if you don't like it. I'll listen to anybody rant, I'm really good at listening. I have a phobia of loud noises, yelling or screaming has me running from the room or withdrawing into myself.

    I love old fashioned clothing, I make my own jewelry, and I try to see the world through the eyes of a Victorian woman. I find it easier to see that way then to understand some things.

    I love the law and I study it non-stop. My ultimate dream job would to be a judge or translator. I'm studying Japanese and German in my spare time.

    I love any and all movies, most music, and card games. Video games are cool too though. Roleplaying is epic, cosplaying is my creative escape, and I draw and sing even though it's always terrible.
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    Tennessee, USA
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    Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, collecting rocks, collecting Chopsticks, drawing, taking care of my weird zoo of bugs, writing, reading outside, watching movies and anime, making jewelry, cosplaying, writing.
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    None, Student I guess.
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    Hannah Marrie
  1. buggirl101

    2013: The Year of the Video Game

    I finally got around to renting it and managed to complete Infinite within a week of off and on playing. Totally agree with the statement that the story's more about Booker and Elizabeth then anything. Although, the idea of extreme whatever-ism has always been a fun subject to think about for me so...the reinventing of the idea behind key events in history such as Lincoln's assassination and the portraits depicting them was a nice touch that left me spellbound personally. But the relationship between those two is the story. End of story I guess. XD
  2. Happeh Birthday!

  3. buggirl101

    2013: The Year of the Video Game

    A little late on the 2013 stuff but I'm super stoked for Bioshock Infinite. I watched a friend play it the other day and we stood there and STARED at a hummingbird hovering around us for atleast 5 minutes. Yeah. The detail is THAT good. I want it, but man. I don't wanna pay that price for it. XDDD
  4. buggirl101

    Is this song on your ipod/mp3 player?

    Mmm...let me check...nope, I DO have it though. XD Sail - AWOLnation? (If you have even heard of AWOLnation you win all of my love.)
  5. buggirl101

    Compliment the person above ya

    You're awesome for living in Virginia, love that state so much. So pretty, and yeah. Love it.
  6. buggirl101

    What book are you reading now?

    Mmm... Memoirs of a Geisha right now. I could re-read that book six thousand times over and start again. (Are comics/manga included as books?? If so then add Arkham Asylum to that. Fell in love, someone got me the whole thing for a gift recently.)
  7. buggirl101

    Is this song on your ipod/mp3 player?

    Nope, I love that song though. XDD I need to put it back on there... Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant?
  8. buggirl101

    Compliment the person above ya

    WiccanCrow: Dat Ash hat....I want. XD And props for having a growing mushroom on your head. Love it to pieces.
  9. buggirl101

    Rate Da Sig!

    Cool looking, I'd say 7/10.
  10. buggirl101

    Caption the avatar above you...

    ...that was a stupid move human, now I will stare blankly at you for it.
  11. buggirl101

    Hit the keyboard then hit "Submit Reply"

    bno5cgnmbyhXb 78 czZyc v675c
  12. buggirl101

    Pressures Of Girls.

    Hmm...there are pressures to 'fit in', and 'get married' or whatever. Honestly? It's been happening for ages. Why did our ancestors get married at young ages like 14 and 12? Simple. Fear of never having children, no children meant no money or living or in some extreme cases home. That has just transferred and changed with the times. Do you get weird looks for being overweight or wear glasses, or etc? Yep. Can you ignore it? Yes, but some people just can't handle not being accepted or invited. Personally I don't care much what other people think of me, if they go off of first glances and such their personalities tend to be just as shallow too. Give people second chances. I go around and I have a motto. I find at least one thing about one person to compliment to their face once a day. Giving someone a compliment can honestly make or break someone. ...I've been told that a compliment can save a life and I honestly believe that. Jesus didn't discredit someone just because they didn't look right or weren't in the proper religion/race. I want to d the same no matter what they have gone through.
  13. buggirl101

    Gun Violence and Gun Control

    Well said. Well said. Will more laws make it harder for people to get a hold of guns? Yeah. Will it fix the problem completely? No. Will there still be mega-tons of gun crimes? Yep. The very definition of a criminal is 'someone who commits a crime or anything that is against the law'. Will a law stop a crime? No, sorry. It won't. Personally I see no difference either way. It will still happen. I live literally 20 minutes from a downtown area that has already had 48 killings via guns this year alone. 100 injured and the majority of these were minors under 18 years old. Scary? Oh yes. Preventable? Possibly but not likely. Does making certain substances illegal stop their use? Nope. It's just a fact of life around my area, I could argue for ages, but NutterButterLove hit the nail on the head. A fun fact: During World War II a meeting was held by the Japanese leaders to see if they would storm the American homeland or bomb a Principality. They chose Hawaii because on the mainland, "There lies a gun beneath every blade of grass". Just something to ponder with the gun control thing and all.
  14. buggirl101

    Coffee or Tea?

    Tea, tea, tea. Hot tea of any flavor is my deal. I particularly like it with a dessert of some sort. My favorite flavors? Earl Grey (Or Gray depending on where you're from.), Oolong (Spelling?), Rose (Only if made with real rose petals...none of that fake-perfumed hoopla that makes nasal spray taste like heaven.), Ginger, and the age-old green tea with some lime squeezed in. Coffee? Only if served in ice, black. And only as a wakey-wakey during finals or other stressful mornings. Tea for the rest of the time. (I even have a tea mug a friend gave me that says, 'No I'm not British but Tea's my bag'. XDDDD )
  15. buggirl101

    You Laugh, You Lose

    @WiccanCrow: The Sephiroth cosplayer killed me. XDDDD I lose terribly.