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    im nice !! i like meeting new people and like making new friends i like sporrts and im one of a kind :)
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    dont need one
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  1. xroxygirl3333

    Just Two Friends...

    those two girls dont seem like very good friends dont beat you self about it but if they were true friends they wudnt ditch you nd leave a bestie crying it must hurt but be the bigger person and leave them behind and move forward in your life with the good friend you have been blessed with
  2. xroxygirl3333

    Long-Distance Relationship...struggle

    im in a long distance relationship and sometimes the distance can be a good thing but most of the time not especially when you really need them and they cant be there i hope the best for yal tho and trust is deff the key to make it work
  3. xroxygirl3333

    This can't be normal

    if i hit my mom she wud beat me up not spank me so id rather take the spankin lol
  4. xroxygirl3333

    help my dad is bisexual!

    hes wrong and you cant justify any sin and why are you being called a troll uhhh who says that in this type of situation rude??
  5. xroxygirl3333

    Stuff You Wish Guys Knew

    i wish guys knew how sensitive girls can be!! i wish guys knew how much we really care! and that we dont wanna hurt just help but only if help is wanted. i wish guys knew everything about girls!
  6. awwww change is scary sometimes but its for the best for you to grow up to bigger better things
  7. < Pruuuty smile :3

  8. xroxygirl3333


    my favorite thing about boys is that there nothing like girls but in a good way and of course there looks lol least favorite thing there lack of emotions and understanding sometimes there too care free
  9. xroxygirl3333

    That guy you just cant get off your mind

    my bf who lives two hours away and never sees me
  10. xroxygirl3333

    Asking God for a relationship with somebody?

    yesss i have i pray for my relationship every day!!! to get better and itt will bring yodu closer to god in all the right ways
  11. xroxygirl3333

    God and friends

    yes it is your job to spread the word to anyone and everyone and especially you care about! but if they dont like u for it dont sweat it
  12. xroxygirl3333

    I'm lost, and I need help...

    wow this is a really tough and heartbreaking situation ive been in the same place hurts soooo bad but its probably best if you arent friends at all make it very clear too!! and maybe when he sees that your gone out of his life he will realize what he had!!
  13. xroxygirl3333

    Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro”: The Occult Meaning

    wow i never thought of it like that!! thats kinda disturbing
  14. xroxygirl3333

    No real friends

    ill be your friiend
  15. xroxygirl3333


    i will pray