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    I love Jesus! :) I'm obsessed with fashion. I adore music of any kind. And, I like doing the usual stuff like youth group and going to the movies. Been home-schooled all of life. I'm 100% sold out for Christ. I am totally grossed out by drama. I try to treat everyone with kindness, and I don't judge. Peace!
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    Movies, Jane Austen, Ecclesiastes, Writing, Youth group, and Fashion.
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    Musician/Public Speaking/Author In Training
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    Olivia Ann
  1. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    1st Annual CTF Witch Hunt

    Woah. Haven't been on here in a whileee. That cat is adorably serious.
  2. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    The Storm Brewing

    "Hello Miss Elderidge." she said, forcing herself out of her private thoughts. "are you here to pick something up?" Anna smiled, and leaned on the doorframe. "I had hoped my dress would be ready? There's a party tonight, and.." her voice trailed off. "My dear, you look so pale. Are you alright?"
  3. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    Ask A Guy

    I agree with you, Daniel. And Bobby Jindal is the man.
  4. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥


    You look down on me but you don't look down on me at all. I smile and feel the love you have for me. <3 Tuesdays are way-ay better than Mondays. Just sayin'.
  5. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    The Storm Brewing

    Felicity was home just in time for supper. Her father looked pleased, but said nothing. She sat down her seat, and folded her hands. They were somewhat grimy. Maybe they wouldn't notice. Maybe they'd be so happy she had come back in time that she'd be pardoned for her dirty hands. Maybe they'd let her skip chores tomorrow. Her father prayed over their meal. When Felicity reached for a dinner roll afterward, her mother looked up. "Darling, go and wash right this instant." she snapped. Felicity bit her lip. Parents just didn't appreciate her. If they only knew what she was doing for them.
  6. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥


    Let's listen to her *awesome* music to celebrate! lol
  7. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    Ask A Guy

    nicee. I laughed. Short n loud. ok here's a fantastic question: what do guys think of Sarah Palin?
  8. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    Ask A Girl.

    When a guy talks a lot about video games, I get peeved. Movies and music are okay. There's a better chance of us having something in common. But with video games, I think of a dude sitting in a dark room for hours on end, staring at a tv screen,his brain turning into grey mush. That's not a slam against video games, but it's what comes to mind.
  9. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    I dislike...

    i dislike that there's no dislike button on facebook.
  10. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥


    lol I know right? It's been playing in my mind all day long.
  11. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    Ask A Guy

    I see. pitbulls and ladies have oh so much in common. Yeah I guess it's better, so the guy isn't confused. Even if you were in a fight over a girl's opinions, at least you would know why.
  12. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    Would you rather

    I chose the lesser of those nasty evils. SOAP!
  13. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥


    just another manic monday. i wish it were sunday. cause that's my fun day. my 'i don't have to run' day. just another manic monday. ♥
  14. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥


    purdyful. that's great. rofl.
  15. ♥BlueStockingGirl♥

    Show of Hands? :)

    Awesome! Sounds good. When is the party exactly?