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    I am a Christian girl who loves Jesus very much! I live with my dad and my brother, and my other brother lives in California. My mom died when I was 4 years old.
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    I loooooove music!!! I love modest fashions and writing and baking!

    WOW! i've had 26 visitors n not 1 hello! i thought this was a Christian site!!!
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  1. i'm not coming here to debate r argue about anything... i wanna have fun in Christ! ummm does this ring a bell... "be of one mind and one spirit!" Philippians 1:27 we have an avenue here to do alotta good things. there's alotta people here n we could share our thoughts about certain issues that we're all facing as Christinas, or just certain issues that effect just girls... or guys!
  2. i wish so much... soooo much... that guys would help us end the abuse, rape and violence of girls by guys! this is a very Scriptural matter seeing how the bible tells so much about ho guys should treat and love their wives/girlfriends. and vice-versa!
  3. i think most girls think their not good enough for their guy! i kno i did n i don't think i'm a bad person! but i kno if i was interested n a guy that was like that... idk i think matters of the heart matter more than features of the face!
  4. Hi Will_Power! I'm not sure but you can true this link! http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/email-to-sms/
  5. i was just wondering... how many guys want a girl who dresses modestly n why?
  6. You are absolutely right... Scripture doesn't say anything about pants or skirts or dresses. You can quote any fleshly remarks you wish but, the truth of the matter is that in these days... the days in which we live now, where men dress like women and women dress like men, it is strictly by the conviction of the Holy Spirit that women dress in a manner that pleases the Lord. This is our MAIN concern! Pleasing the Lord, and dressing in a manner that glorifies the Son is a great concern for the Christian women of today. While I appreciate your response JAG, since you aren't a woman, how is it possible for you to understand things concerning women and our God?
  7. Of course there's a way... Scripture! For example, Joh 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. The Word of God is Truth... Satan is the father of lies. The Word of God is absolute because it is... the Word of God! So the more we devote ourselves to Jesus, when we read the bible, the more we understand God because the Holy Spirit leads us in the ways of truth. Scripture does say... Ye shall KNOW the Truth and the Truth shall SET YOU FREE!
  8. my opinion? so funny you should say that... and you yourself quote flesh!!! i highly suggest you read the Word of God... like 1 Tim 2:9!!! let me know in a year or two if you understand it!!!
  9. wow guys, this is all very interesting. instead of giving me JUST ur opinion, please add Scripture to why u think women should dress immodestly!
  10. Wow! is this a Christian site? i've been here 4 1 day, had 26 visitors, n not 1 hello! not 1 person took the time 2 say hi, welcome 2 the site. truly a shame!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. should respect him!!!? are u going to say that of the antichrist too!!!? he's in a leadership role so... let's respect his butchering of Israeli's and Christians!
  12. sisters, i'm a little shrimp of a girl who doesn't like trouble but... if ur a Christian, n ur showing ur breasts... that's sin!!! i don't know why the Lord put this n my heart but, we don't need to hurt guys by causing them 2 sin but that's what immodesty does! it causes women 2 sin n men 2 sin. in the us there is 1.3 rapes every minute!!! that is an extremely sad statistic!!!!!!!!
  13. lol becky, u r so bad! lol but truthful! lol ya i looooove chocolate... anything chocolate... but chocolate covered almonds.... mmmm so good!!!
  14. ROFL umm... it's not so much that misery likes company... lol but, the more I hear other girls say this, the better I feel. a bad hair day in a girls life is a serious matter!!! lol