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    Oh my gosh it's a crazy person RUN AWAY!!! Just kidding, you cant run. Also I love asparaghous and writing and science and Jesus.
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    In my corner, just a place to keep warm
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    Psychology. Art. Philosophy. Music. Some movies and television. Conversation about all of the above. Walking. Thinking. Loving all the joys of being a big sister, one of my favorites. I love animals, have a lot of pets mostly rescues. I like to sit alone some place out doors and daydream about things I can't always quite describe in words. I am obsessed With words and metaphors. I like to redefine my perspective and my priorities and introspect constantly. I tend to be shy and sometimes very quit but when I do talk I tend to ramble, as you can see.
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    I'm working on it
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    Hunter Lynn

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  1. Hey huntybunty:party:

  2. Sadlypoetic


    Personally I don't see how it preventing stds is a factor because then one could simply argue that people should just breed artificially because touching might give you stds so it should be removed from the equasion. It's may have benifits but that doesn't matter, it does harm. Desease and infection can be prevented other ways. Personally I would not allow my sons to be circumsized, period. As far as my husband, it's his body, no questions asked.
  3. Sadlypoetic

    Sad time, round 2 :(

    Deffinitely praying!
  4. Sadlypoetic

    Should I tell her?

    Well he can always adress it in a more reasonable and tact manner. But in essance that is what he needs to let her know, though I could see how it would be more comfortable coming from another girl. But if it where me, I wouldnt care to have someone else involved and be further embarrased just to be "proper" about it. I suppose it is a manner of opinion, personally I don't see any reason that it would be inapropriate or where that is even coming from... If a woman is asaulted should a guy stay out of it? A girl has a right to be modest and invulentary or accidental indescretion being taken advantage is not all too far off from rape. You are of course entitled to your opinion, I just hope that a womans perspective might be taken into account here, considering.
  5. Sadlypoetic

    Should I tell her?

    In responce to Bewildebeests post.. That would make sense, if it where about the guys character. But it is not, it's about what he did. He actually objectified and degraded the girl by what looking at her that way. Now if you think that is not a big deal then thats fine but it was obviously a big deal to someone who cares about her and ould probably be a big deal to her. He didnt ask if he should crucify the guy or even say soemthing to him, he asked if he should tell her. You are seriously more concerned that the guy be protected from this girl having a bad opinion of him after he looked up her skirt than for her to be aware that she was bassically violated? I don't mean to start a debate but I honestly find that a tad disturbing..
  6. Sadlypoetic

    Should I tell her?

    If it where me I think I wouldd want to know if that happened. Not only so I would be more mindful of it in the future but also to be warned about that guy being that from what I read it sounds like they attend the same youth group... Lets say she is to encounter him in the future when you aren't around, she should probably know that he would take advantage like that and disrespect her. She is your friend correct? Personally I don't think it would be innapropriate for you to bring it up at all in this situation, you are looking out for her which is quite frankly your job as her friend and a guy. And it is really great that you care enough to say something about it.
  7. Deffinitely. Thats what I call anybody younger than me. Hun
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  9. yeah a friend of mine got married. :)

  10. Wedding? SOunds fun.. I'm alright :)

  11. Haha you're welcome ^_^ and I'm good. Just got back from a wedding. How are you?