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    Heelllllooooooo feel free to add/talk to me !

    I'm a Catholic. I'm madly in love with the Lord.

    i LOVE people and everything else that God has made!

    Have yourself an amazing day xxx
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    Hi Catholics! I have a question. :)

    back to the original question... Simply, we pray to her because she is Jesus' mother! Since we are all brothers and sisters of/through Christ, she too must be our mother
  2. Coolies! I'm really enjoying your answers! Thankyou everyone... this is giving me alot of encouragement x
  3. So, do you STICK UP for what you believe, at school esp.? All the time... Or only when you know people WILL listen to you? When do you think it is not a good idea to argue? When it's going to taint your reputation? Or... Is "tainting your reputation" a part of being a Christian? When you know they just won't listen? WWJD?! Do you pray before you speak? I reeeeaaaaally want to hear ya'll opinions on this xxx
  4. Aw that's real cool! thanks for sharing(:

  5. No


    None...No lie, no conjured

    up spirits, no witchcraft,

    no curse, no evil thought,

    no backstab, no mischief,

    no haters of good, no job,

    no depression, no illness,

    no low self esteem, no

    death, no rejection, no

    misunderstanding, no

    financial hardship, no

    poverty, no storm, no lack

    therof, no man, no

    woman, no child, no

    family, no nothing....No

    Weapon Formed against

    you will prosper...~You're

    the child of the Most

    High~Look up.....Claim



    is this awkward?

    Ido. Simply because, one asked me out, although I will try very hard not to judge them!

    ever delt with suicide before ?

    Yes, when I was about 11. Oh and yes, it was real But you know how God uses bad things for the good.... well God, through me, saved two of my best friends from suicide. Pretty much because I listened and knew what they were going through Now I trust God moore than ever before, esp. in my troubles and hardships ! xxxx

    Whats your social standing at school?

    Well I'm in like the freak group... but my friends are amazing and I love them so much and wouldn't trade them for any other group (: but I'm like the popular one in the group, because I get along with everyone and am really outgoing and bubbly I think thaat that's good because I can remind them not to look up to the popular group, because they are really no different than us! They've just been hurt more so they tend to not trust and love people, as my group does.
  9. LOVE your avatar and profile pict! They are such an amazing band <3


    Falling in love fast

    Oh my gosh, reading your post, happyface, is like reading my life right now! Yeaaaap same, I get so emotionally attached to a boy in so little time! I'm not really worried about it because God gives us those feelings! So, like it's definatly OK, and something we're spose to deal with (: I just found this before, just thought I'd share... "A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man must be seeking the Lord to find it" Another reason to go hard for the Lord!!! xxxx

    what clothes should christians wear?

    Has anyone one noticed that the low cut tops are less and less in the shops??? I think girls that are not out to impress the guys with their breasts are getting sick of that fad
  12. Okay, so nowadays there are alot of of girls who are stereotyped as "sluts". Girls defined as sluts are usually trying to feel loved from boys, because maybe their Dad or someone else in their life hasn't given them the love they need. Alot them also hurt people outside of their groups... Well, hurt people, hurt people. So I guess they've been hurt at some point in their life, as well... My group gossips about them sooo much. It is horrible Does anyone have any tips on what to say when the topic is brought up of these girls???????? Thanks xxxxxxxx