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    Most Distubring Movie

    A Serbian Films...No need to say anything else. Too graphic to describe here, you'll have to google it.
  2. Christopher170


    Well actually it does hold our species back. Because we still set store by these silly attributes ( manliness and lady-like ). We, the human race, continue to segregate each other via these idiocies.
  3. Christopher170

    ouji boards

    Its a piece of plastic and cardboard. What's demonic about that.
  4. Christopher170

    Is Islam a peaceful religion?

    And yet, it does not matter what Christ taught. The fact is that there are christians killing muslims. And muslims killing christians. Both points are un-deniable.
  5. Christopher170

    Northwestern Hosts A Live Motorized Dildo Demonstration

    " There's nothing like personal interaction...edit. "
  6. Christopher170

    How did you stop???? Lust,Porn,MB,Sex,etc...

    Why should your girlfriend not have the power to influence you in the very way you speak about God? Why must it have been God and not her? I do not understand why you take away from her accomplishments. And alot of other people Waltina, stop looking at porn by simply not looking at it.
  7. Christopher170

    Is Islam a peaceful religion?

    Deception. Every day somewhere in the world a christian is killing a muslim. Both sound violent to me.
  8. Hey, I see you're new here. :) So I was just stopping by to say hello. Hit me up so we can talk sometime.

  9. Christopher170

    Christian vs Secular Music

    " God is not behind Metal. Did David play Heavy Metal on his Harp? No. Because God was not, is not, and never will be behind Heavy Metal or Religious Metal (Because there is no such thing as Christian Metal or Rock Christian means little Christ. Can you really see Jesus doing Metal or Rock? " Music existed before Jesus' time, it existed the moment we discovered our voices. Metal music relies on technology. Simple as. I guarentee you if 75,000 years ago, those little men in Africa had the chance to invent/play with guitars and write metal music, they would. We as humans invent in order to serve a desired purpose. Thus we invented the Amplifier, electric guitar and so on in order to create the required sounds that we felt were good.
  10. Christopher170

    Lust and Modesty: Girls vs. Boys

    Vega has a point. Now onto answering some questions as a male. Do I masturbate? Yes, it feels good therefore I see no reason to stop. It also relieves stress and tension ( key for exam pressure ), and your brain dowses itself in Dopamine, what could be called the " happy " chemical. I also think that people are using two definitions of lust, one as a verb ( masturbating ) and one as a feeling. As I've answered the first, the second one is mearly a thought, thoughts harm nobody. I reckon it comes down to the individual in terms of how visual we are. I would not segregate the sexes into " Visual " and " Non-Visual ". Modesty? I do not care what girls choose to wear, it's not my business, no skin off my bones. Their choice. I am not offended by ( nor can I see how someone could be ) clothing choice. Most of the time, a guy/girl wont know that he/she is being " lusted " after, I assume you mean the emotional definition. Thus it is irrelevent. If they somehow become aware of it, why would that matter? You cannot judge because nobody has never lusted. You cannot take offence because in essence it is a compliment. Lust fuels our animalistic instincts to reproduce, thus they see you as a suitable mate. People seem to ignore this. On a last note, I want to point out that I do not see lust as a " problem " suffered by guys. Hence it is not a " problem " that girls could " fix " by dressing modestly.
  11. Christopher170


    The key to being a gentleman is actions. I'll start with this statement and it is true. However it is ONLY gentlemanly when it is man who performs the actions, this is just backwards. Someone attributed chivalry as a way of proving yourself as a man. That is entirely wrong. A woman, can perform the same actions, yet she is not called manly. Manliness is attributed to stupid stereotypes that only hold our species back. I am all for being polite, but if you think that peoples lives are worth more than yours, as Gregory House put it. " You should just sign your donor card and kill yourself. "
  12. Christopher170

    Is Islam a peaceful religion?

    The existence of Fatwa guarentee's violence. That is un-avoidable. " A team is only as strong as its weakest members ". These would be extremists, ergo Islam is a violent religion. Though I may be biased here. I believe all religions to be violent in nature. Owing to the presumed existence of a totalitarian authority.
  13. Christopher170


    No rational reason to avoid being naked around other guys. Why would being naked infront of men on land be any different from in the sea? Why single out men at all? Being naked in front of anyone should be your question. People place too much on gender, not enough of the fact it's another perons.
  14. Christopher170

    How did you stop???? Lust,Porn,MB,Sex,etc...

    I dont want to sound...intrusive, but it sounds like you did it for you girl mate. Which is far more noble than doing it for God. If she had not issued the ultimatum, and you had not tasted what it was like not having contact with her, would you have had the incentive to stop? From your post it seems not.
  15. Christopher170

    Disturbing Thoughts...

    His thought was was not lust. He was not lusting after his father for that brief second. His thought was nothing. It is our actions that define us, not our thoughts. For I could think about dropping a nuclear bomb ontop of New York City right now. ( There goes the Statue of Liberty! ). Does not mean I will, does not mean I want to. Do not accuse him of thought crime. It is natural to think of our parents in a sexual situation, for it becomes obvious that those situations had to have existed seeing as you are alive. It is an odd situation to picture, hence why we do it. How often have you been asked " imagine if x z and y happened? ". This is one of those things. He imagined, it wasnt nice, leave him be. /Rant over.