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    Ask A Girl.

    Can geekiness be attractive? If so, to what extent? Is it creepy when a guy you just met goes out of his way to talk to you? Why shoes?
  2. First off, from what Jesus said, I know that I don't want to think sexually (or, dwell on sexually) about a real woman I'm not married to. I've taken that to mean don't think about her either. That's not the issue. But what if your thoughts are absent of a real person? Like, they're fictional or something? Is it still a sin? I know that some would say that lust outside of marriage is wrong,no matter what. And I also know that thinking about what's not real can lead to thinking about real people, and to other things that Christian guys should definitely NOT, be involved in. However, is this type of fantasy, in-and-of-itself, sinful? Thanks for taking the time to help; I pray that I'll get the right answer. And I have looked at some other threads, but (I haven't looked too hard) none on this. Thanks again!