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  1. Will_Power

    Prayers for myself!

    Hey all! I just ask for a bit of prayer for myself. As of late, it seems everything in life is hitting at once. 8+ months ago I bought a house that I shortly found out later was in unlivable conditions due to the previous owners not disclosing damage that was done to it. So I've been staying at a different place and I'm paying a mortgage for a house that I cannot move into. I may own the house for up to a year before I can even move in due to the amount of work that is needed. A settlement was made with the previous owners, however it wasn't enough to cover even half the bills that are needed to compete the house. In the midst of this, stuff at work is changing dramatically too. A new company bought our company out, and my position at work is being eliminated. Luckily I was just offered a promotion, but it requires travel and they recommend me moving to a different state. Travel I don't mind, but it will take away even more time from extracurricular activities, such as CTF or hobbies. They said I can negotiate moving (which I definitely will) because it isn't in my financial means to take a loss on the house that I just bought currently. Plus I love where I live anyways. So prayers that I will make the correct decision at work as well, and will seek God's guidance to see if the new position is a correct fit for me. Also, 3 weeks ago I slipped on some ice and hurt my back a decent amount. Just prayers that my back will continue healing properly. I fully believe in the power of prayer, as I've already seen God move in different ways in my current house situation. Please pray along with me, as it says in Matthew "for where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Thanks in advanced!
  2. Will_Power

    December 2018 Update

    Hello, I know I'm a little early (it's almost December anyways :P). It has been a little bit since my last update, so I wanted to provide you guys with some feedback. Right when I became an admin of this website, life hit me at full force - long story short it took my time away from this site. The trials that came at me are not over yet. I plan to invest in this forum for the long haul so I'm not gone, but as I go through some difficulties I'll be here and there. I just wanted to let you know what's going on so you don't think I've quit already. But with these trials, it has helped me see things in a different spiritual light, and in different ways I want to share that with you guys. The first way I want to do that is by focusing the month of December on trials and all of the various aspects - what happens during a trial, why we go through them, how to go through them, what to do when you feel like giving up during a trial, and so forth. I'd like to take this time in my life to just discuss, debate, and encourage each other as we will all go through trials in our lives, whether it's now, or in the future. I feel like having a bunch of topical posts on trials throughout the month of December would be a good way to not only drum up more activity, but also edify each other. I will be creating various topics, both in the debate forum as well as Bible study forums, prayer forums & beyond. If you have any questions on trials or experiences you'd like to share, let me know and I'll add those to the discussion in those threads as well. Just post below what you'd like to see as a topic and I will see about creating that topic. I'm not creating the topics to say I've learned all the answers, but instead I want to participate as well to mold my own understanding and to also be encouraged. So, if you have any suggestions/questions, just let me know below! -Will
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    Welcome to the forums! I just turned 25 but you have me beat by 7 months
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    since I should do it anyway

  5. Hey Devyn, So sorry to hear that you're going through something like this! I personally have never gone through something like this, so I don't feel qualified to give advice, however I did find this article that was explained fairly well on ways Christians can handle situations like this. It may help, it may not, but I figured I'd send it your way in hope that you'll be encouraged. https://pairedlife.com/advice/Dealing-With-Toxic-Parents-in-a-Christian-Way I'm praying for your situation, and praying that God will give you wisdom in the face of this trial. -Will
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    Welcome, snowlight! I actually have some family that lives in southern Alberta. Happy to have you here!
  7. Will_Power

    CTF Prayer Network V4

    Anybody up for restarting this at all? I had one PM request for it, just trying to see if there's anybody else that's interested.
  8. Will_Power

    Harry Potter

    I read all the books in middle school, definitely my favorite fiction book series. I mostly read non-fiction, so that's saying something!
  9. Hi Elyse! I'm not from Ohio, but glad to see you on the forum!
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  11. The place looks great, Will! 

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      Thanks Man! We need to catch up sometime

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    Hello again

    Howdy TK!
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    Picture Post

  14. Will_Power

    Marriage counseling

    A lot, if not most, pastors do marital counseling, whether for pre-marriage or inter-marriage crisis. I would definitely reach out to a local pastor of your same belief system to see if they could help. I prayed for your situation, asking God for peace to come in the midst of this trial of yours. Although I'm not married, if you need anything I'm only a PM away! -Will
  15. Will_Power

    Guess who's back

    Welcome welcome! Glad to see you back!