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    i've been a anonymous reader of this forum for a few years. Just decided to join up and take part in the discussion
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  1. IMHO as long as both the husband and wife are consenting, and they are the only parties involved, it's fine to do whatever you want:D! As far as looking for a scripture sanction for this, I don't think you will find it. There's no verse that says "Its okay to put this here....and have this over there...and do it upside-down in the bathtub..." But the way I see it, between a husband and wife, it is a matter of christian liberty.
  2. shel-yudah

    arewe in the end times

    I don't think so, but ultimately we cannot know. Too much focus on eschatology (End-times stuff) can be very distracting in a church-type setting. I went to a nondenominational evangelical church for a while, and like 90% of the teaching was on the end-times (real kooky stuff too, like conspiracy theories about the EU and Israel-Palestinian conflict!). It was an incredibly frustrating experience because I could tell a one point, this was a spritually productive church, but they just went off on this end-times tangent and it screwed the place up. Moreover, we live in some crazy times, but when you compare our generation to people who experienced the Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Soviet Gulags, etc I don't think it is wise to start hitting the panic button just yet.
  3. Back in the 1950's, this scientist named Jonas Salk came up with a vaccine for polio and gave the formula away for free. Clearly times have changed!!
  4. shel-yudah

    KJB Only

    I’m a big fan of the King James Version. It’s my “go to” bible when I’m studying scripture. But I would stop short of saying it is the only good translation out there. I haven’t read all the popular translations out there, but I think the RSV and the ESV are just fine too. Personally, I just like the old-timey, reverent sound of the King James. It is a little slower to read, but that doesn’t bother me. To be completely honest, I think it was a lousy idea to translate the Bible in the first place. All the other Abrahamic religions study their holy texts in the original language, and I envy that. Muslims read the original Arabic Quran. Jews read the original Hebrew Old Testament….why don't we do the same?
  5. shel-yudah

    I wish their was more historical evidence..

    I tend to view a lot of that stuff (noah's ark, the exodus, Eden) as being folk stories. What is important is the moral of the story, not the actual historical/scientific accuracy. Unfortunately, I have heard some sermons preached in which the pastor spent the whole time trying to dis-prove evolution, and prove that the Garden of Eden was a historical place without even mentioning the theological implications of the Fall of Man and original sin!!! If we put too much focus on trying to prove all of these events are literal, we end up missing what the sorty is actually supposed to communicate to us.
  6. shel-yudah

    How far would you go physically before marriage?

    I'm saving direct eye contact for my wedding night.
  7. shel-yudah

    Lust Problem Help Please

    Even though it seems embarrassing, the best possible advice I can give you would be to talk to a good christian adult about this. Like a pastor, youth leader, or possibly your father. Sex and sexuality can be very confusing, especially when you are a young teen. On CTF you'll find opinions all over the spectrum regarding masturbation and also sexuality in general. Personally, I think the key here is to avoid the temptations of pornography and sex, while also understanding that your desire for sexual intimacy will probably never go away (and that's not a bad thing!). What I try to do is channel my sexuality away from worldly things like porn and casual sex and towards a desire for true sexual intimacy as God intended. Hope this helps, Shel-Yudah
  8. shel-yudah

    Arm school officials with guns?

    I don’t have a problem with school districts that decide they want armed guards in the buildings. BUT it is important to note that this will be very impractical. Consider this: -As of 2010, there are approximately 100,000 public schools in the US. -If you are going to put armed guards in every school, you would need a bare minimum of 2 per school. At Sandy Hook, the shooter was armed with an assault rifle and two handguns. A single armed guard with just one sidearm would be incredibly underpowered to go against a guy armed to the teeth (As mass shooters often are). So, at a bare minimum, you are looking at training, arming, and employing 200,000 people in order to cover all the public schools in the US. (Not to mention the other 40,000 or so private schools.) In addition to the large scope of such a proposal, I also doubt its overall effectiveness. When the NRA came out with its “Good Guy with a Gun” plan, they neglected to mention that: -Columbine had an armed guard at the school, -Virginia Tech had armed police at several locations across the campus -Nidal Hasan, who shot up Fort Hood, was surrounded by well-armed base security. Given all of this, I’m not so sure that an armed guard at Sandy Hook would have been able to prevent the tragedy.
  9. shel-yudah

    Would it work to be able to text 911?

    sum1 tryin 2 break in2 my apt. Plz send cops. Thks, ttyl.
  10. I had a similar situation when I was younger. I grew up in densely populated, lower-income section of Philadelphia. When I was in High School, my parents moved us out into the suburbs. I had to switch schools and lost contact with a lot of my old friends. I ended up going to a relatively wealthly high school where most of the kids were snobby and click-y. You know, the kind of place where every kid gets a BMW or Benz for their 16th birthday. I considered myself lucky if my dad would lend me the old beatup chevy stationwagon!! Unfortunately, I found several of the local church youth groups to have a similar atmosphere of snobbery and exclusiveness. After a year or so of moping around by myself, I got involved in an organization called Young Life. It is a nationwide Christian youth club that operates independent of churches. (I think Para-Church organization is the technical term for this). Anyways, I really liked it and gained a lot of solid friends through the Bible Studys and weekend retreats that we did. It is a non-denominational Protestant organization, but it has roots in the Assembly of God church. You should look it up. I remember hearing that Young Life was very active in California so you might have a club in your area.
  11. shel-yudah

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    Really? I thought he was saying that it was sexual. What exactly does crimsontruth mean by the following statement? Moving on We need rights specific to women because there are some issues that only women will face. For example, the topic of discussion: Breastfeeding in public. Men will never have to worry about having their right to breastfeed infringed upon simply because men don’t lactate. Another thing that comes to mind is the right to contraception. These issues are referred to as “women’s rights” simply because they aren’t applicable to men. It’s not a political tool, it just that God didn’t create men and women exactly the same, so some rights will be applicable only to women, some only to men.
  12. shel-yudah

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    I thought all you conservatives were supposed to be "pro-family". What's more pro-family than supporting the right of a mother to nurse her child in public? I'm don't get the connection between nudism and public breastfeeding......Everytime I have seen a mother nursing her child, it's not like there is a whole lot showing. Honestly, you see more "rack" on the beach in the summer. Besides, women who are nursing in public aren't doing it as a way to show off their breasts in a sexual manner.....they are just feeding the infant! Do a google image search on public breastfeeding....it's really not that big of a deal. Absolutely!!! Women don't need rights!! All they need is to don their burka's, keep quite, and not leave the house without a male escort. God forbid they show a little skin in public, and we will promptly stone them!! That's exactly the kind of society we want, right? Dude, you need to realize that a mother's need to feed her infant supercedes your own feelings of awkwardness or uncomfort. It's time to put that "pro-family" hat back on and understand that raising an infant is a difficult task and we should be respectful to nursing mothers and let them go about their business as they please. (P.S-It's not very safe or responsible to nurse a baby in a car. The baby needs to be in a carseat!!). Can't say I'm a huge fan of nudism (at least among the general public) but I don't see what this has to do with breastfeeding. I'm not exactly sure what you have in mind, but all of the time I have seen nursing mothers there really isn't that much visible flesh. It's not like there are completely topless mothers walking around or anything. All it really involves is slightly pullng down the shirt so the baby has access to the nipple. I'm also confused as to why you think this is some kind of explict sexual display....All it is is a mother feeding her baby the old fashioned way, that is, the way God intended.
  13. shel-yudah

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    ^ This. I don't understand why people would be opposed to this. Its a baby, and babies need to feed on a pretty regular basis. (During the daytime, you probably need to feed it every 1-2 hours). I also would applaud any mother who choses to feed their infant "the old fashioned way" and not with formula. It's not like a breastfeeding mother is that big of a distraction anyway. If you got a problem with it, look the other way. That's how I feel.
  14. shel-yudah

    Ask an Eastern Christian

    I've been in Orthodox churches several times over the past few years. This was mostly when I was traveling in the Middle East, but I have been to the Divine Liturgy and Orthos at a local Greek Orthodox Church in my neighborhood. I have always liked going, but I don't know if I would ever fully convert to Orthodoxy. Maybe I'm being superficial, but one of the reasons I enjoy visiting is that the Orthodox churches are FAR prettier than the dreadfully plain Protestant churches. When I walk into an Orthodox Church, the environment just seems much more conducive to worship and prayer than those plain white walls of the local Assembly of God Anyways, My main question to you would be: What exactly are the differences between the various "sects" (for lack of a better term) within the Orthodox Church....Like Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox, Albanian Orthodox, ex cetera, ex cetera? Are there doctrinal differences between these Churches or does it have more to do with the ethnicity of the congregation? Or maybe the language(s) of the Liturgy? Thanks
  15. shel-yudah

    The New Pope is here!

    I'm not Catholic, so I guess I should tread carefully....but honestly, I'm a little disappointed. I was really hoping for somebody under the age of 70. The new guy is 76. I feel a younger Pope (like in 50's or 60's....ahem...Dolan...ahem) could bring some new life and vibrancy to the Roman Church. Electing an older Pope also definitely suggests a shorter occupation of the Papacy, which can have some downsides....anyway, I should probably shut up now