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  1. Population control, sustainability, environment. All surrounding sustainability, essentially.
  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/16/obama-gun-control-plan-nra
  3. tatty00

    Song Writers?

    Ah, writers block. I used to think writers block was just something I could push past and ignore, but I have come to realise that it's actually a really important aspect. I've come to the conclusion that writers block happens when our heart and mind wants a break. Sometimes it's important to put down the guitar, close the lid of the piano, give the violin a rest, and take a back seat for a period of time. When I'm stuck on writing a track, I record my progress, then take a few days rest. Distract myself with the rest of things in life. And I find, after a few days of not touching a guitar, my hands, mind, heart and soul want to continue writing in the end. Songs should naturally flow all at once and develop off an idea. Maybe just have a couple days rest, and come back? Do you share what you've written? This is my little profile of songs, if you care to listen; http://soundcloud.com/nathanael-taylor
  4. Found this video from GTA;
  5. We're not rude. We are very friendly and nice. It's just that we cannot handle arrogance, stupidity or poor thought processes. We're just forward. But rude is certainly not the right word. That's wrong. Maybe in Radelaide, but I was born and raised in Melbourne, which is extremely accepting of everyone from every nation and culture and skin colour. Sydney has also become much more progressive these days, and Perth is one of the most multicultural cities I've ever been to. They don't want to be there? Mate, you know better than that. They can be very friendly and pleasant, but again, it's that we don't take well to peoples ignorance. We're a very independent country, as we have a very minimal service industry compared to other countries, so we are used to doing things on our own, rather than asking others. It's about adapting to that mindset, independence. Again, I don't know what it's like in Radelaide, but people take pride in their fashion. And we certainly don't hate NZ, at all. I don't know where you're pulling a lot of this information from, but it sounds like someone has a bitter taste in their mouth.
  6. It's not the big spiders you should be worried about, but the small ones. The biggest spiders we get, which can be the size of your hand at times, are huntsman spiders. They're totally harmless. But the tiny ones, the size of a small coin, like the redback, will kill you.
  7. Done and done. Look out for a kid called Nathanael.

  8. Huh? I mean, the occasional huntsman will get in, but that's it. And our wages more than compensate for it. We have very sufficient buying power. She just can't expect to get by in Australia without a job, though. Very untrue. Our economy is stronger than ever before, and mining is not the reason, there is a huge transition stage happening. I work in politics and study economics, I know too much. Humidity is only north of the country. Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide as major cities have low humidity. Drought is over for the past 3 years at least now. Prepare yourself. Conservative Christians don't exist here, we're all tough nuts
  9. Maybe add me on facebook and we can sort something out. It'd probably have to be during the week after this where I have a little break before exams


  10. Also, beer is a fantastic study relief excercise.

  11. UWA kids and their fancy schedules. I fnished exams Thursday. There's so much time for activities!

    Well, whenever eh, I'm doing absolutely nothing with my time whatsoever, so I'm always keen for a drop and good times.

  12. I would. You can always depend on the kindness of strangers. But really, we're a nice bunch of folk. Depends, how tough is she?
  13. Yeah we can try to catch up. I'm pretty much flat out with assignments and exams until the 23rd of november though :S

  14. Extremely relevant article popped up in the news; http://m.smh.com.au/opinion/ten-other-useful-tips-for-poms-moving-to-perth-20121022-28172.html
  15. Seeing you post, reminded me to ask to see if we should still attempt to catch up for beer at some point?