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    I love to go to church. My favorite hobby is basketball. I also am in Track and Field. I usually hang out with friends or I'm reading a book. I'm on the worship team at my church as of 2011. I love MercyMe, TobyMac, and Lecrae's music.
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    Basketball. Track and Field. Collecting Stickers. Taking pictures of food, clouds, or any of God's creations. Meeting new people. Singing. Acting. Talking. Hiking. Being outdoors. Reading. The #32 and #23. Animals especially baby animals. Being with my friends. Florida, Arizona, and Minnesota.
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    Reffing in the fall
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  1. Hey! :D It's been awhile. How've you been?

  2. Happy Birthday!! :woot::birthday: I hope you're having an AWESOME day! :D

  3. :o Correct!! :woot: *gives you a sticker* :D

    How are you today? :D

  4. to get to the other side?

  5. Oh, cool!! :D That sounds like AWESOMENESS!! :woot:

    I am just hanging out, haha. Why did the chicken cross the road?

  6. Babysitting, basketball, karate, and reading :D

    How about you?

  7. Oh, lol. What have you been up to? :D

  8. :thumbup:

    Sorry I haven't been on that much either.

    I keep forgettting to check if anyone left me a message.

  9. That's awesome! :D I've been spectacular, thanks! :D

    Sorry for the late reply.

  10. Pretty good. How about you?

  11. Hey! :D How've you been?

  12. I forgot

    I think I was going to tell you that I got over my cold and then caught another one :P