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  1. TeamBabes13

    Friends mom.

    So will I. I have experienced.
  2. Basketball Shorts Practice Jersey Socks
  3. I have this project due tomorrow, which I have procrastinated on, and I neeeeeed help! I have to draw a "Wanted" sign, and I have to draw a criminal that an elementary student would like then describe him using the literary elements below. I haven't drawn him or written anything because, well, I procrastinated! Could annnnyyyooonnneee give me a sentence for each one below that describes a person, or animal, or whatever...? Simile Metaphor Personification Hyperbole Alliteration Onomatopoeia Thanks so much!
  4. TeamBabes13

    Owl City

    Never knew Owl City was a Christian band! Makes me love it more
  5. Hey, I saw your post...let me know if you ever need anything. aim, msn, or pm etc.

  6. TeamBabes13


    Anyone want to give me an account they don't use. Thanks! ---------- Post added at 05:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:52 PM ---------- Added!
  7. TeamBabes13

    Ask a teen!

    There has been "Ask a Girl", "Ask a Guy", but what about "Ask a Teen"? Any parents who don't understand their kids, teachers who can't teach their students, ANYONE! Please ask, I'll try the best to answer!
  8. TeamBabes13

    Is this song on your ipod/mp3 player?

    Nope! Kids-MGMT
  9. TeamBabes13


    Have any of you ever played the game Runescape? It's kind of a medievel ()game with killing() and all that good stuff. I used to play in elementary school (even though its not for young kids) and I got on recently. I had an overcoming feeling of nostalgia. If you have an account, what's your username? Add me! My old account: swiftstar14 My new account: TeamBabes13
  10. TeamBabes13

    Family doesn't like me?

    Thank you guys so much. I really do appreciate it!
  11. TeamBabes13

    what if someone wants to go to Hell

    You might deserve Hell, but God gives us more than 1 chance. Follow the ways of God and your misleading path to Hell will now be guided to Heaven.
  12. Olla, welcome to CTF!

  13. TeamBabes13

    Name Game!

    Haha I like that one!
  14. TeamBabes13

    Name Game!

    Go to www.google.com. Type the first letter of your name, but don't enter. See the first thing that comes up under the letter you typed. Write it down. Do this for all the letters of your name, then come up with a story about them!
  15. TeamBabes13