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  1. ElShaddai

    God's Will?

    What is God's Will? Is it just that we follow and obey his word? Or is it a set out plan for me that i have to search for and and consult before i do anything? Use scripture to back up your stance please.
  2. I have noticed people state that they believe in predestination over free will. I know where i stand on this subject but would like to here your thoughts on the subject first. Please back up your stance with scripture.
  3. ElShaddai

    Is the Creationist God a Deceiver?

    These things you have stated(Age of univers,stars,earth,etc.) Are not fact as we are always improving and expounding upon our methods of dateing things and some methods are not always reliable.
  4. ElShaddai

    Is the Creationist God a Deceiver?

    I probably should have clarified and said that i believe it actually happened in 7 days. i was makeing a point and did a poor job at it.
  5. ElShaddai

    Stuff you wish Girls Knew

    I wish they new how much failure actually hurts us.
  6. ElShaddai

    Is the Creationist God a Deceiver?

    How do we know that the "7 days of creation' actually happened in 7 days. God is not bound by time the way we are. A day is like a million yearsand a million years is like a day. And he said that 'scientifically' we know that the universe is 14billion years old(approx.) but how can we know that this is fact, or that whatever equation they are useing actually gives true and accurate information and they are not just going off of theory. I agree his argument is weak.
  7. ElShaddai

    God Doesn't Love Everyone

    I do not believe in predestination and would like to know where you get your biblical evidence for it. God loves all people but there is a point where God hates a person, i do not know when this happens or what line they cross to get there.