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  1. Cappuccino

    Who do wear glasses or contacts

    I wear a combination of both. It was pretty much inevitable that I'd need glasses at some point, because one side of my family has poor vision, including both my parents. I got them when I was 9-10, and I hated them from the start. I got contacts when I was in ninth grade, and I've been wearing them for a while now. I haven't had any major problems with the contacts, even though I've heard of people who have. I usually wear contacts from 8am - 5pm (weekdays) or 12pm-9pm (weekends) then I wear my glasses in between. My eyes are pretty bad, although my right is better than my left. They're both around -6.00.
  2. Cappuccino

    Fashion Tastes/Brands

    I usually just wear a simpler shirt with straightleg jeans and flats/boots. Nothing with rips or holes though, I hate them. That's pretty much an everyday outfit for me. You might be able to tell that I tend to love floral patterns.
  3. Don't you just hate it when you wake up early, believing it's a weekend so you get ready to go back to sleep, but then the alarm goes off and you realize it is indeed Monday?
  4. Cappuccino

    What Instrument/s Do You Play?

    I recently started playing trumpet a few months ago, and I have experience with trombones from junior high. I don't particularly like trombones too much, though. I prefer the higher instruments.
  5. Cappuccino

    Eggs , bacon , or pancakes?

    I'm not usually a fan of heavier things for breakfast, and I don't really like bacon all that much, so I'm going to have to vote for pancakes on this one.
  6. Cappuccino

    Do You Like Eggnog?

    I've never really been able to drink eggnog :/
  7. Cappuccino

    Cursive or print?

    I print, although I like the look of cursive. Mine's just horrendous, though.
  8. Cappuccino

    What are you eating right this minute?

    Extra Professional gum.
  9. Cappuccino

    Name Mixer

  10. Cappuccino

    Pet Peeves?

    Some of my biggest pet-peeves: - People who are lazy, and refuse to do anything, especially in school, and then complain for days that they didn't deserve the fail that they got. - People who just CAN'T live without a boyfriend/girlfriend and so they get a new boyfriend/girlfriend every week. - When people love to proclaim how drunk they are/how drunk they're going to be/how drunk they were last weekend. - A metal spoon scraping against a metal pot, the sound goes right through me.
  11. Cappuccino

    Name Mixer

  12. Cappuccino

    Make it, Take it, or Break it?

    He refuses to shower any more than once every two weeks. He's unsure of his religious beliefs. He has a loong beard. He's messy. Very messy.
  13. Cappuccino

    Picture Post

    I vote with haircut, it looks neater and just generally better. Awwwwh, the puppies are so cute. My messy, always-hungry dog that thinks he runs the house, but somehow manages to get on our soft side. He's my baby.