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    Writing, drawing eating chocolate and wasting the day away on the computer.
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    Megan, but you can call Crystal :3
  1. Crystal <3

    I was in a music room and I will bring...

    I'll bring a Sock
  2. FROGS? I love frogs! I used to catch them in my back yard all the time. But then they strangely just started disappearing...
  3. *gasps* Tyajoy we have so much in common 1. I'm going to someday be a famouse author 2. I went through a phase a few years ago where I was obsessed with wolves, and theyre still my fav animal 3. I can draw pretty good manga 4. I hate my real name 5. I can get really aggresive at times, if you insult me or anyone I love I will litirally run up to you and start punching.
  4. Crystal <3

    Change a letter.

    nubs (Noobs spelled wrong)
  5. Crystal <3

    CTF Marriages

    This thread is not dead? And no, your the second last single person on CTF.
  6. Crystal <3

    The Hunger Games

    I read the first book about 486 times, and I just started the second. I really want to see the movie, but I have this strange thing with watching the movie before reading the books.
  7. Crystal <3

    ban the person above me

    Baned because I didn't spell banned right.
  8. Crystal <3

    The "But" Game

    But I dont have a soccor ball! Go draw the first person you see.
  9. Crystal <3

    What would you do if....

    Shoot you with a water gun! WWYDI a genie asked you to grant HIM a wish?
  10. Crystal <3

    So it's a little late...

    I'm half Irish, so I usually wear green go over to my grandparents house... And pinch people.
  11. Crystal <3

    Cupcake 'ATM' coming to NYC O.o

    Ohmiagawshies! It's the future of resteraunts! Why take the time to walk to a bakery when you can just get one at an ATM?
  12. Crystal <3

    You Laugh, You Lose

    THIS. ...Made me lose! Because right now I'm haveing THE most boring day on the PLANET! And now I have some wonderful ideas to make the day better! xD
  13. Crystal <3

    So, there's been a lot of tornadoes lately.

    That's so sad! I will be preaying!