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    one year i didn't dress up for halloween but i still went up to doors and when people asked me what i was i told them i was a princess.
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  1. RadioBunny

    Stance on Abortion?

    Why isn't this in debates?
  2. RadioBunny

    I could really use some prayer.

    Of course! I'll be praying. I'm glad you shared that. Also, welcome!
  3. RadioBunny

    Can Girls and Guys be just friends?

    It's happened a couple times for me when a female friend couldn't seem to hold it together after I told them I wasn't interested in a romantic relationship. It's never really been the case with me. Anyway. No, it's not wrong. It may be difficult for some people. I've found two really great female friends that I've been close with for a while.
  4. One should live their life knowing that the possibility of failure is very real, and do their best in spite of it. I'd probably attempt to connect more with people in class.
  5. RadioBunny

    hi message

    Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Isaac. I'll be here for you if you need anything. Enjoy CTF.
  6. I was gonna say P90X. I haven't done Insanity, so can't deny or confirm this *shrugs* Yes ^ even though you do burn fat in the process of working those muscles. Eating well = always a good idea!
  7. RadioBunny

    Parents vs Love

    Yes, why would they kick you out for the boy you like?
  8. RadioBunny


    Hi! Glad to meet you. Rational and cold, I understand. That'll probably be fine with me.
  9. RadioBunny

    Are there any homeschooled teens?

    Was homeschooled from the first grade to high school, went to public for my first two years of high school, and was homeschooled again until graduation.
  10. RadioBunny

    Horror Movies. Wrong or No?

    A good scare is kind of fun for me. It's those moments when it's not actually scary, and it's more of just… disturbing, when my spirit starts going "mm-mm."
  11. RadioBunny

    What you think; Kanye West.

    As for the guy himself, seems a bit pretentious?
  12. RadioBunny

    Do you think a lot at night?

    I can usually fall asleep like that *snaps* when I'm ready to. Too much brain stimulation from certain activities right before bed will do this to me, though. Stuff like video games, phone, even reading. So I try to stay away from those things a good couple hours earlier. Most importantly, could be spiritual.
  13. RadioBunny

    Do we have any artists here?

    http://presentingtheradio.tumblr.com/tagged/stuff it's been a while since i've done anything much.
  14. 16ish? It was my only one.