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    some where but no where!!!
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    i love to learn new things
    talking too friends
    writting poems
    sleeping under a nice tree in the shade

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    i guess right now a bit of construction since ive been helping redesign kitchens
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    i never really had one , so im just a follower in heart and soul
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    im nobody who are you?
  1. In a way i feel bad for him but his music is not my style never has been .
  2. no i am not a killer just im really sinsative ill admit it and i do wear band shirts just i never really liked the hair so i didnt do it ---------- Post added at 05:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:00 PM ---------- thank you all of you alot and i understand now sorry for the troubles thankyou
  3. last tuesday :3 wwtlty watched a good movie?
  4. alrighty for starters people that truly dont know me i have been emo for i think maybe 11 years 10 years idk really just a long time ago anyways i have been battling this situation for a few years now with people and they keep saying since i am i cant be a christian and idk what to do to make them stop saying that it honestly hurts just i need some advice about how to make them quit if anyone knows .
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  6. yes , breathing over my shoulder (i thought it was AWSOME but a little creapy at the same time lol )
  7. ok ive been wondering if some people prefer chicken dumplings better or just dumplings , (this is making me hungry lawl)
  8. im really curiose of which on has the most (honestly i like pancakes alot better then a lot of things lol)
  9. i prefer my cold weather to be around 20* even knowing i live in oklahoma but im ok till its up at 70*
  10. i know ill sound corny but here i go i guess lol i love to be around this one girl and only her she makes me happier than any one else can im not all nice at times i need her
  11. DotA by Basshunter just now lolz
  12. to be with some one i love and to see others happy
  13. a long time wwtlty drank coffee?
  14. YUM it sound like a delitful tast to met when you get it done please tell me lolz it sound amazing
  15. k so halloween is coming up very soon and i want to hear what your gona be for that day