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    I was born...and now I live.
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    Under your bed....with a deaf rooster.
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    Mostly just music and chillin' with friends...:-/ not super skilled at anything. XP
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    I weird people out,I consider it my calling.
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  1. :crying: MEHHHHHH!!!!!! ima miss you.....
  2. I'll probably be on less than that when school starts. :-/ I hope to talk to you soon!

  3. i'm getting very annoyed at all of the inconveniences getting in the way of us talking. :crying: once school starts i'm only going to be on 4 days a week. :/

    i love you too.

  4. My dad's not letting me use the laptop (the only computer with Skype on it) for a while, at least today, so I love you and hope to talk soon as possible!!

  5. BunnySlippersMan

    Stuff you wish Girls Knew

    LOL whoops, yeah that's it
  6. your avatar scares me, it had better not be who it looks like

  7. BunnySlippersMan

    Stuff you wish Girls Knew

    I wish girls knew Proverbs 8:19 ("Rejoice in your wife and may her breasts satisfy you always") showing any cleavage, at all, is immodest, it really tempts me to lust. I'm not criticizing opal, just saying that I wish girls knew the Bible says to save your breasts for your husband so he can fully enjoy them. He will THANK YOU for it.
  8. The Ember Days and hopefully Ascend The Hill, if not ATH then White Collar Side Show. But I would prefer ATH. It's gonna be awesome!

  9. Oh, nice! So who else is playin'?

  10. It's at a somewhat small church so hopefully I can meet them! It's on the Arrows Are Deadly Come&Live! Tour.

  11. You lucky, lucky young man.

    I sincerely hope they come to Boise sometime soon, so I can get my Showbread vinyl signed. <3

  12. FOOFER!!!!AHM GONNA GO SEE SHOWBREAD IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. HEY MAN! What's goin' on?

  14. I love you a lot more than the most possible. ;)