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    I'm Katie. I'm homeschooled. I'm in NC. I'm a tennis player. I'm a lover of life. I'm me; and I can't think of anything better than to live my life for Him in every way.
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    North Carolina
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    Writer, Tennis Player
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  1. I'll be praying!
  2. Welcome Abigail!
  3. Depends on what your motives are. Are you wearing them for pagan gods, or are you wearing them to make you feel good about yourself?
  4. I've known a lot of people who look more to the negative than the positive side of things, but that's okay! That's just your personality! But unanimouse was right, people who look happy are much more approachable. What do you think makes you so sad and sullen?
  5. At least he survived, but it's classic science, and further more stated on the back of most cans; FLAMMABLE!
  6. Welcome Kala! I love in the state under you, and am the same age!(: I've only been on here for a while, but if you need anything, PM me! <3
  7. I agree! This is so very disappointing! God tells us to keep our hearts and minds on everything from above. How is porn considered good? I can't believe Christians say this is ok. I mean really.
  8. I have to agree with "Our body's are God's temple", but I know some really godly people who are COVERED with tattoos. Maybe it's a personal thing that the person needs to pray about before hand.
  9. I had to read that verse a couple times over to get it, but I agree, it's condemning. I guess it's hard to stick with reading God's word just like it's hard sticking to a diet, or running everyday, or anything else that we want to do but can't find the motivation for.
  10. I totally agree with that!
  11. I haven't had good experiences with tumblr. These are some of my fave blogs - http://megan-thelifeofagirl.blogspot.com/ http://generationstandup.blogspot.com/ http://www.pastorsgirlsponderings.com/ http://modstylelounge.blogspot.com/ http://www.genuinebeau.com/ http://girls-4-god.blogspot.com/ Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys! Sorry I haven't been on in forever(=
  13. Exactly! I tried dance but decided that wasn't for me because you have to stay TINY and I didn't enjoy it as much. Tennis has definitely become my favorite thing and I'm quickly rising to the top! (=
  14. I changed blogs and am now on Blogspot - http://katies-favorite-things.blogspot.com
  15. Modern Magics - Five stories by Louisa May Alcott.