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  1. CookieMonstah

    Look who's back again

    I have three jobs, yet here I am...
  2. CookieMonstah

    Look who's back again

    Hey I remember you
  3. CookieMonstah

    Picture Post

    Thanks boo
  4. CookieMonstah

    Picture Post

    Here's my dog and my face
  5. Eating Pringles in bed. Get on my level.

    1. curryjacket


      If I ever write an autobiography im pretty sure "eating Pringles in bed" will be in the running for the title.

    2. Diakonos


      XD "Eating Pringles in Bed: The Authoritative Reign of Cody"

    3. Buoyancy


      ...but the crumbs! the crumbs!

  6. CookieMonstah

    Look who's back again

    I'm still an "accomplished poster" I don't want to find those conversations
  7. CookieMonstah

    Look who's back again

    Cody, were still fabulous. Everyone else. Thank you and hello
  8. CookieMonstah

    Look who's back again

    Hola. Last time I was here I was a stupid naive little 15 year old. A friend convinced me to come back; here I am. I'm 20, I live in Vail, Colorado. The most amazing little fairy book town in the most beautiful state. I've been here on my own since I was 17, learning life lessons the hard way. (Stay at home with your mommy, kids. Please.) I work at Starbucks and the local head shop. And. I have an unhealthy love for my dog. Would ya just look at him. What a babe.
  9. hello there hows you been latly:starwars:

  10. Why are you not home most of the week? :ohmy: I am doing well. I re-converted to Christianity, so that has been keeping me busy.

  11. CookieMonstah

    What's your favorite hard rock, heavy metal, screamo...and so on band?

    Well, are you looking for "Christian" bands, or does it matter?