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  1. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
  2. I merely ask out of curiosity. it's interesting because everyones opinion is so radically different- like some people would go all the way on the first date, whereas someone else wouldn't even kiss until they got to the alter. I don't think I would go all the way until I was at least with someone for a while& we were pretty serious, but even then idk. but I'm curious what u guys think(:
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    well this is kinda cool

    haha thanks guys. (:
  4. hello. as my incomplete profile suggests, I am new. I haven't been on a forum in a while& thought it would be kinda fun to try one out again. so here I am sayin hello& introducing myself to u. idk if in supposed to say something about myself or just leave it at that, so I will merely say that I am 16, I live in michigan, i am kind of a christian& I am obsessed with music- but only good music, like alternative& indie. (: also my name is margaret, or margot. whichever u prefer to call me. I also answer to maggie.