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  1. I'm the only youth at my church....my church is rather small. I have been going to my church since I was born, and I'm 15 years old. I get really lonely sometimes. Everyone else in the congregation is either a child, or an adult. There is no one I can relate to or talk to for counseling. I love these people, they are like my family. That is exactly why I feel I can't trust them with my problems (and I am going through a really rough time too. I'm kinda lost..). It could spread around and they might tell my parents, which would be horrible. I don't trust my parents with anything that serious either. Btw, I'm the only one in my family going to church anymore. The rest of my family left the church. I'm always depending on them(church members) to pick me up and take me home. I don't feel like I connect anymore, even though I know they love me and all. Not to mention everyone in the congregation is ACTUAL family EXCEPT me..I feel like such a loner sometimes. Also, the pastor only preaches about what's wrong in the world and things like that. We have no youth ministry so I'm not really getting the life advice I would like to receive. It's sad because I can't leave them for another church. Especially on my own. I love them too much. But I'm not learning, and I have no guidance or teacher during this time of my life. I'm not even sure where my church is going to be in the next 5 years, it's pretty downhill if I can be honest. Please, any advice for me?? anything... sorry my post is kinda messy and all over the place.
  2. Hi, I'm new here...and I was looking for some help. It's been quite a while that I have been dealing with depression and all sorts of problems. I get down a lot which makes me feel hopeless. It's in these times that I do bad things and it makes my faith week. somehow I cannot keep my faith strong enough to hang on..I feel so guilty for everything I do to myself. Really just need some help...understand that I grew up in the church,but none of my family goes anymore and I don't feel too comfortable talking to the people at my church. They're all adults and stuff. very few people at my level. we're a small church. oh yea, my struggle is secret too...and I have to deal with school stress which I don't know how to deal with too well. I just want to stop...did I mention my faith is weak and I have my doubts? I can't take it