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    Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

    Something interesting :http://brainz.org/news/over-or-under-great-toilet-paper-debate/5659/ I vote over I hate under!
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    Mac VS PC

    Ya mac takes the cake for me on this one it has all the pros but the 2 cons are : Price and Application compatibility(some are still strictly windows)
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    do you ever feel?

    Thats an easy way how you differentiate between a true Christian and a half-a$$ christian (please excuse my french) but seriously the ones who leave church or go only during Holidays etc ( Im not saying you have to go every week) are the ones that think their free ticket to heaven will remain valid which most likely is true (if your not RC) all you really need to do is have belief, acknowledge and ask forgiveness for sins but regardless studying and worshiping is always key to retain and improve our faith and bond between God. When it comes to dealing with it I just simply ignore deserters that flee 30 min after and focus on why Im there. So be it !
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    Similar books of the Bible?

    Not necessarily similar but it very popular :Apocrypha http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_sc_0_9?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=apocrypha&x=0&y=0&sprefix=apocrypha
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    Global War on Drugs 'Has Failed'

    Just legalize it after all countries such as Holland (Amsterdam) and Spain have records among the least crimes committed etc vs. other countries and our country could actually save money for something useful for a change and make money by taxing. If people are going to use they are going to use if people are going to sell they are going to sell ;supply&demand
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    Best Exercise: What's yours?

    Personally for cardio you cant beat running. For best overall muscle workout good ol push ups are great and if your going to the Airforce (looking at your avatar) thats all you will be doing running, push ups, and using pull up bars. Have Fun!
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    Hello Brothers & Sisters!

    Hi everyone Im here to share and learn about the one and only religion we all believe in and love. Unfortunately I came here to this great forum after my IP got banned from Christianforums.com for posting an informative contradicting url link to RC's in a debating thread where my beliefs were being threatened but a persons free will no matter how impulsive and arrogant there's nothing I can do about it but rejoice it is what it is. Regardless, there is a reason for everything and Im glad to be apart of CTF:biggrin:! ---------- Post added at 10:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:19 PM ---------- I have a Q in general : How does posting threads work does a moderator manually have to verify each pre-posted thread before it actually gets posted. Would have messaged someone but Im limited to 1 message per hr ---------- Post added at 11:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:41 PM ---------- This goes for posts as well I understand administrating but its this serious that everything gets filtered?
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    I've turned into my own worst enemy..

    My remedy would to try going to a different Pastor /church that thats enthusiastic, enlightened, and purely divine who can bring your spirit up because reading the Bible with no confidence is almost useless instead gaining a purpose to read you will retain and display much of what youve read mentally and physically. Bless!
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    Your Favorite Animes

    Wow its been like 6 years since I read em but you cant touch Initial D!
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    Favourite verse

    Id have to say the one in my sig its so true and we still fight, argue, and bring death to other races for no apparent reason just the complexion of your skin and also judging others from a country other than yours and sexist people acting as if theyre better than the other sex when were all coming from the same source Jesus Christ! There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. -Galatians 3:28
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    what gives you butterflies?

    Ya lol dont think anything is worse than public speaking not a small audience but over +50 really gets me shook up
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    Stuff you wish Girls Knew

    We dont leave the toilet seat up on purpose !
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    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    P.O.D. -Goodbye for now!
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    Miami Heat blows 15-point lead!

    lol Dirk is the Antichrist for Miami hes amazing though I cant talk smack. Bet you wont wear your Mav's jersey in Florida without one of these <GO MAVS!).... ....
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    Would you rather

    :blink:lol is this a trick Q?
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    Boys VS Girls - The Saga!

    469. lol I think most guys will say whatever to this thread and ignore it
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    Is there a time where God won't help you?

    The times that seem down and depressing as if your voice is not being heard and karma is not turning is your favor God is testing you and building you stronger for once you overcome those challenging points in your life where no mercy is shown comes great reward and satisfaction as God only wishes to develop you into a stronger more righteous individual in which comes endurance and determination. There is a reason for everything brother
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    I have a question...

    You have to remember she is from another generation but that doesnt justify her opinion for we are all one in Christ. She needs to brush up on her Bible reading (no offense) but it will help enlighten and clear her diluted beliefs on interracial marriage/relationship. Hope all goes well.
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    Hello Brothers & Sisters!

    thanks for the welcoming and the yay's:smile:
  20. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Hello Brothers & Sisters!

    ok appreciate the clarity!
  21. Yes I agree I think it also signifies a child's free will varies frequently and to have solid faith