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  1. yupyup

    the color is a lil turned up but ya its all natural lol and my arm used ta be that big but i dropped like 25 lbs : P

  2. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Howdy Y'all!

    Welcooome! *Remember no harvesting til' marriage !
  3. at least you have that fire to keep goin and wont back down thats always a plus:clap: oh and red hair ;) awesome human if ya ask me

  4. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Favourite Video Game Series

    Mario hands down!
  5. lol i like your confidence those atheists dont know who theyre messin with!

  6. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    I all I'm to be...

    so deep and so resentful hope its all not true! Nice poem regardless:)
  7. the holy spirit cant get enough of me =P

    please explain your username lol i think I know what the light is

  8. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Election vs Free Will

    lol you guys are still talking about this Deuteronomy 30:19 end of story there is no discrimination only faith.
  9. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Picture Request Game

    pic of your paradise
  10. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    I don't believe in God; but I want to. Advice?

    You cant ask to believe in God you need to believe in God (will) and trying to force it upon yourself is only making things worse you need to be patient and extremely open when you make your foundation towards Christ which you cant expect to build on until you erase doubt and increase faith. Theres more to it but only you have the ability to filter out the truth...
  11. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    How do you choose your food?

    Taste no doubt ya gotta enjoy the fruits of life to the max!
  12. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Tattoo: Yes or No?

    Doo it ! no regrets
  13. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Whats worse? pt.?

    lol ok jus checking where do you live at Decatur?
  14. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Prochoice is Prolife?

    Life is already created no doubt in when in fetus stage. Lol great avatar !
  15. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Whats worse? pt.?

    Lol not so friendly down here where theyre very careless and inconsiderate vs Georgia
  16. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    This or that

    Science Sky diving or Bungee Jumping
  17. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Students Suspended For Wearing 'Racist' White T-shirts

    lol wow
  18. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    Caption the avatar above you...

    Skateboarding Cowboy
  19. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    ban the person above me

    Less clothing=Less sin : P Banned for having more CTF $ than real $
  20. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    ban the person above me

    Banned for wearing a tshirt in Canada
  21. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    The state game.

  22. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    What's your favourite...

    pepperoni+green peppers Fav scenery to live next to (i.e. beach, mountains, woods, farm, city, etc)
  23. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    The state game.

    Minnesota-Liars! there are no mini sodas ! (personal experience)
  24. ✟ Keep.Your.Head.Up ✟

    This or that

    football pool or pingpong