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    justin bieber?

    Overrated plain and simple
  2. What does atheism have to do with conspiracies or Miley Cyrus...
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    Do you watch movie credits?

    Only if it has extra footage at the end : P i.e. Hangover 2
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    do you like Tattoos?

    Thanks! I lost track after 42 hours colors take a looot of time.Also have a hannya mask on my bicep and the whole tat goes 360 all around my upper arm to the back of my shoulder. No regrets
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    What's your BirthVerse?

    Mark 10:27 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” 10/27
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    lol someone doesnt like their nickname
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    more like crunchy lol no offense lol it was the toaster not me!
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    Magic Backpack Can See Through Walls

    Im sure people will be using it to see through clothing as well lol
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    Which 1 of these improvements would make CTF more enjoyable?

    I think we've reached a verdict here of what must be done........ . ...............*crickets in the background*
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    We are an Arrogant and Stiff Necked People

    My fault I must have misunderstood the theme you presented I thought it had to do with why punishment was being dealt and to whom and analyzed the post differently and underestimated the controversy being transmitted.
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    Ask A Girl.

    Lol reminds me of the Mens warehouse commercial they were sayin the same I forgot exactly but they stated approx 90% of women like guys in suits. I dont mind em but there would have to be a reason such as my profession to wear one because its a lot of preparation put everything on
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    We are an Arrogant and Stiff Necked People

    :shock:Seriously! This offends you?! How irrational can you be? If I say the sky is blue and the world is round would I still be offending you? They're all facts! Dont be mad at me I didnt create any of these facts or your problems .... Skadaddle09 I honestly dont want to provoke anything I just answered with my view towards the topic with a relevant situation in history I dont get whats the big deal really Literally regardless of being catholic or not I still wouldve posted my post Im not trying to stir up anything just lower the sensitivity settings for me guys
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    Ask A Girl.

    lol seriously even Charlie Sheen is pushin it you dont need to be a female to have a fashion sense I call those shirts birth control you wont ever have to worry about a girl having interest in you
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    Dont Hate!
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    We are an Arrogant and Stiff Necked People

    .........uummm didnt you say, "As Christians, it should not be surprising to us that even the slightest sin, the smallest deviation from God's morally perfect standard, outrages Him and should be dealt with justly."? I dont see how you view my post as irrelevant to the topic and I dont think I need to explain the whole analogy here..
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    We are an Arrogant and Stiff Necked People

    Yes but Rome, Constantine,etc played major roles in the development of Catholicism if Im not wrong.
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    Lawmakers to introduce bill to legalize marijuana

    Yup no surprise at all Ive said this before and Ill say it again its all a matter of time that all these ridiculous stigmas of marijuana are banned from being classified as a "drug" and promoted for its benefits not ignorance. I am aware of "Last year, California citizens voted not to legalize recreational marijuana use, although the debate continues in about half a dozen other states." -This is considered as a victory for pro-marijuana since they lost the poll 40 to 60 which is a significant amount of pro supporters and will only provoke more people to vote in 2012 as they realize salvation and free will is closer than it seems now we just need job facilities to change their drug policies >.<
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    We are an Arrogant and Stiff Necked People

    Yes early AD prior to reformation but its in the past now..
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    God Doesn't Love Everyone

    Reason: Our sins.
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    Jeremiah 29:11 different in KJV and NIV

    Wanted to hammer me on this? And you are...? There are ways to discuss topics without acting superior. There have been many manuscripts found since 1611 but there have been no new READINGS found. Many critics of the Word of God have used the argument of "new evidence" that the King James translators didn't have as a basis to degrade its authority. The fact is, the King James translators had all of the readings available to them that modern critics have available to them today. One of the most prominent manuscripts which has been discovered since 1611 is the Sinaitic manuscript. This witness though horribly flawed was found amongst trash paper in St. Catherine's monastery at the foot of Mt. Sinai in 1841 by Constantine Tischendorf. Sinaiticus is a sister manuscript of the corrupt manuscript Vaticanus. Both read very similarly. So, although the Sinaitic manuscript was discovered over 200 years after the Authorized Version was translated, its READINGS were well known to the translators through the Vatican manuscript which was discovered in 1481 and also through the Jesuit Bible, an English translation of 1582. So we see that there are no readings available today to scholars which were not already in the hands of the King James translators. We might further add that an honest scholar will admit that this "great number of newly discovered manuscripts" that are trumpt abroad agree with the Greek text of the Authorized Version rather than challenging it. There have been several editions but no revisions. Word of wisdom I urge you to retain: Proverbs 26:4-5 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit. Here is a translation If its too "medieval" for your comprehension: Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him. Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes. I barely touched my arsenal of facts and details but I dont hammer people I enlighten.
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    do you like Tattoos?

    Quick shot from 1 of my tats
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    We are an Arrogant and Stiff Necked People

    Sorry I dont want drama from my answer all Im going to say is corruption.
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    Ask A Guy

    doesnt matter as long as it at least looks somewhat natural (dont overdue it)
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    Jeremiah 29:11 different in KJV and NIV

    Not necessarily. This can be a very biased Q with strong opinionated answer but the truth is its the most accurate of english translations and should be preserved and studied.