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    Well, I'm a complicated guy, with a complicated past and a presumedly complicated future. I go where the wind takes me and make no connections. Some call me the ghost nomad, others just another person. JK That's not me. I'm a normal guy.
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  1. I'm not in love with Jesus. I'm just a nice guy who happens to be a christian I wish I could tell you, or any one of you for that matter, but then my spiritual life would most certainly cause you some form of distress or worry and then you'd give me advice or try to comfort me, and I don't really want any of that. It's just, things between me and Jesus... I just don't know... they've been crazy...
  2. -Over two weeks ago, right before you two left, you hugged me. Of your own free will. Do you know what that meant to me? I don't either. I had it on my mind daily for probably a week and a half, trying to figure it out. You've never done that before. Neither of you. It was new to me and I didn't expect it. I've known and laughed with you all as friends for a few years. Not good friends, but people that I hang out and laugh in the hallway with, if I can. Because Im the shy sort of guy. Yes, I can get along well with y'all, but there's that small underlaying fact that I'm the odd one out in your group of about seven close friends. I'm a little too self concious to impose myself on your group. You guys are the clique. The group that does everything together, sits and laughs with each other. Not a bad clique, you're nice and inclusive to an extent, but always sort of attached to your closer friends. I understand that, too. I'd be the same way. But, again, I'm the odd one out. I don't go to church with the group and therefore have a barrier that is harder to work through to be accepted as one of y'all. (I'm making you sound reeeeeally conceited and superficial, but unfortunately in writing it looks like that. I know you're not though.) So that's why I'm sort of... I don't know. I like the fact that you hugged me just like any of your other friends. It made me feel like I finally breeched that barrier or somthing. I could have breached it long ago if I weren't so self-concious, if I weren't determined to be only myself and not who others expect me to be, but that's not me. I don't really fit in because I'm myself, and there's no point in being anyone different. And I've been being myself for the past six years and almost out of the blue it's like I've acheived a goal I wasn't really competing for by you girls hugging me. I know what it is, I've spent more time with you and we know each other more than just hallway friends because I picked you to be on my debate team. We've laughed,and laughed, and actually been serious, more seriousness, and more laughter. We jumped up on our level of friendship, if only a few notches, and now it's like I'm one of your besties. No, but at least one of the group... It's just fascinating that after almost six years, I finally become one of the popular ones without even trying... So, yeah. This is what's gone through my head after y'alls simple hugs. p.s. Me gusta girl hugs.
  3. Graduation is getting closer and I am freaking out. My gaduation Packet is gone. Deadlines are behind me. School is over due. FREAKING. OUT.
  4. Confessions? Alright. -I'm a hypocrite. I honestly do believe in my head everything that I tell you. I know that I should be praying for the things I tell you I'll pray for, but I actually don't. Why? Because I'm in such a rut in my own spiritual life that if I were honest, you have a better relationship with God than I do. You actually spend time with Him. You read His word. You pray. You say that I'm really your first Christian friend? That You're really gratful for me? I wish I could say the same thing. I wish I was as spiritually mature as you, but no. I'm the one with the head knowledge, and you're the one actually spending time with God. And I'm the one helping you? I'm the one who needs help. -You have a good one hundred and eight days left. You are the epitome of lazy and you're going to keep digging your own stupid hole and you're only going to hurt yourself. -We talk about you behind your back. I know we shouldn't, and we're failing pretty badly on this obvious test that God's put in front of us. But seriously. The whole family talks about you. You're the houseguest and my dad compassionately gave you a place to stay, but you bother everyone in the house. The only different between me and the rest of us is that I care less. I'm a laid-back person, so you don't bother me as much. You're a... decent guy. But what I've determined is that you have no common-sense, and no common curtesy. I'm annoyed that your parents raised you and still continue to treat you the way that they do. If they had done a better job of being parents, then you obviously would have turned out better. And now our family finds ourselves in the position of biting out tongue to keep from telling you what you need to hear. And in large part, what you need to hear is what parents need to tell their kids about being smart, responsible people. About being a decent person and other things. You're a decent guy, but you're driving my family crazy. -I'm getting tired of brunch on Saturdays. No, not really, but I am tired of helping make it. I'm spoiled and being rediculous, yes, but that doesn't stop me from being annoyed. -I'm a terrible procrastinator. I sort of wish you'd contact me and tell me off for being so lazy and... not pro-active. PLEASE get in my face and tell me what I need to hear. -I wish we talked more. I've always wished that. But when do we see each other? Two days a week? maybe an hour and a half of total social time between us? I don't really care right now whether of not we become anything in the future. What I do want is to be friends who hang out more than we do. -Or any other friend for that matter. *is in need of a friend*
  5. 1. You looked, very nice. Like, I would have done more than just compliment how your hair looked, but I don't want to look like I'm hitting on you because you just broke up... Blaaaaaargh. Anyway, I hope you are able to come to all the meetings because I do enjoy hanging out with you. You're fun, nice, and unique. And pretty. Seriously. You might not think so, but you are. [Also, I'm sort of glad that you broke up with him. He's a nice guy, but... I'd be concerned for anyone he would date. He's sort of dark, which you are too, but... he just doesn't seem like boyfriend material. For him to be your bf, too, isn't that great of an idea to me because you deserve a better type of guy. I don't want to be judgmental, he's a cool guy, just... I don't know. It seems that his relationship with you would be fueled on feelings, and those change. To be honest, I hope you guys don't get back together. And to be honest, I hope he never finds out that I think this way. We're cool, and I don't want an enemy.] 2. I wish we talked more :\. You're busy, I don't want to seem... clingy? I dunno. 3. The two worlds are these: Mine and yours. Mine consists of school, church, procrastination, friends, family, every-day stuff. Yours is different somehow. We only meet at school, but you seem to live a completely different sort of life than mine. Your friends are awesome, your family and family friends are awesome, and Christian, and you are all my type of people. I can hang out with you guys and be myself. You guys are all confident and friendly. What makes you different than my own friends and family? I don't know, but I can honestly say that Fridays are like stepping into another life for me. I sort of wish that the other six days of the week were like Fridays. Your family, your friend's family, y'all's love for Jesus, your support, your personalities... I don't know. It just all seems so... perfect. I wish I was either in your family, or our families lived closer and we were close family friends. But, wishes are wishes.
  6. It's not that I don't think you're physically attractive, it's just that I respect women too much to hit them when they are especially attractive.
  7. It's odd that my dreams are mostly consisting of going rage-made when arguing. Expecially with my dad. Sure I disagree with some of the things he says sometimes, but I've only hit rage-mode like, once or twice, maybe three times in my life. Why am I having these dreams? I even went rage-mode with my brother and a little of it was aimed at my former music minister... /:|. Dreams are weird.
  8. I lament that so many people have been decieved.
  9. As much as I desire that, I can't get a girlfriend immediately. Yeah, I probably could, but that's not my aim with this. I'm looking for a life-partner. God know's who that is and I shouldn't bother spending my time in any relationship until He shows me who He has in store. Not to condemn dating, but my reasons for not dating would be another discussion altogether. Plus, I'm like, 17, so I personally think I'm a bit young to start taking on choices that large with so many variables ahead. I'm just tired of all the decent guys getting overlooked and the players getting the relationships. It ticks me off.
  10. Hello ladies. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back to your man. Now back to me. Sadly, he isn't like me. But if he'd stop being a dating player and actually value the idea of a relationship, he could be like me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're standing in front of a friend who honors, cares for, and would even protect you with his life if needed, because unlike other boys he means it when he compliments you, and knows you for your personality, not your looks or sterotype. What's that in his hand? I know, it's an invitation to dine with him one evening so that the two of you could possibly discuss the future of your friendship. You accept, despite not really having feelings for him other than that as a friend. Time travel and look at your hand again. The invitation is now a ring with diamonds. The man who loves you desires to commit his life to you. A commitment which he takes more seriously than the dating players you spent your time with could have ever thought possible. You accept, because his love and devotion brought you to love this man in return more than any other. True love is possible when a man of God makes a commitment and sticks with it, even in the worst of conditions, not letting his fickle feelings bother anything as concrete as a promise he made in the sight of God, to the woman he loves. I'm in a time machine. - Seriously, "where are all the decent guys?" They're the single ones in your friend zone. The ones who don't ask out every girl who they seem attracted to them. The guys who actually have integrity.
  11. <rant> So, apparently today, tomorrow and wednesday are Double Darden's gift card days for the blood center. (Dardens cards are gift cards to places like red-lobster, olive garden...). Well, my dad went and signed up a lot of my family. Now, he's a regular blood donar, but today would have been my first time. We got there, it was busy so it was about an hour after our appointment time that we got seen, and I actually couldn't give blood because I mentioned that my sinuses are acting up. This only came up because I couldn't say yes to the question of if I was feeling well. The guy asked me and I told him my sinuses were starting something and in the end I was inelligabe to donate blood. Well, not a big deal for me. I could care more, or less. Whatever. Also, my sister was rejected because she had a headache. Well, I tell my dad that I can't give blood and he basically says that me and my sister are worthless. (basically because we mentioned some small things like sinuses and a headache, which lead to the fact that we weren't able to give, which means no gift cards. Observe me caring. That's right, I don't.) Well, tonight, my dad brings up the topic of how I "threw away" $20 worth of money because my sinuses we acting up and couldn't donate. He said that if I just didn't feel like donating then to have said so. Also, I could have helped save a life with the blood I didn't give. He also said that sinuses weren't a good reason for not donating blood and that it's my fault because I mentioned I wasn't feeling well. (That's not my decision, is it? Huh? They asked, I told.) Pardon me for not giving them false information, justifying the lie by thinking that the blood I give will help save a life, and gaining $20. My dad also said that my sinuses didn't affect my blood. Well to be honest I can see why one would think that. But you know what? In ten years we're going to find out that everything has to do with our blood. What then? Will the simple idea of giving even though the sinus stuff doesn't matter still be a good one? Oh, I could have given because sinus stuff doesn't matter. Well you know what? We don't know the science behind blood. We don't know eactly how sinus relate to the blood, and we are in no position to make a claim that has no logical backing! The blood people said "no", not me! They are the ones who know more about blood than we probably ever will! But no. It's my fault that I won't be able to save someone's life. It's my fault someone will die because I decided to tell the blood people the truth. And the remarks about how if I go to donate again but get rejected beause I mention I have a headache? Much appreciated, thank you. Now, I want to be careful here, because I still need to respect my father. So I'll say what I want to say like this: His whole reason for being upset has no merrit. Therefore, he has no reason to blame me for what happened. So now I'm mad because of his stupid argument, which has absolutely no logical grounding, because he is sending an accusation my way in the form of an assumed idea of what really happend. He is locked inside of his own perspecive and believes that I am the wrong one. Respectfully, I say, Ihave logic on my side. You do not. <\rant>
  12. I'm going to be. All that's coming out of your mouth is crap. And you're doing the same. #youdon'tknowwhatyou'retalkingabout.
  13. T/F - T/F = 1/0 It can't be done D: Square is the best shape for waffles to be in.
  14. Do girls consider this flirting? What goes on in their mind when a guy like that says something like that? Please be honest, because I don't want to be leading girls on, but I don't want them to think I don't notice their attractiveness...
  15. I should probably say that this topic was made to be serious, not a place to vent frustrations. Jussayin'. It seemed to be on that track. It is sad that people don't realize how dangerous texting while driving is. Drving is dangerous in itself, but add a major distraction like that and you can only get trouble.