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    Hi, I came to this site looking for advice on a problem I had/have and stayed because of the great the members. I've been a Christian for almost all my life, but now is the time when I really want to have a better relationship with him. It's taken many challenges for me to realize that Jesus is truly my friend, loves me extremely, and is one of the few people I know I can trust(family wise)

    other than that I love my sister and teaching a group of adorable toddlers each Sunday and pizza and playing Just dance 2 and singing. I like it when people tell me how they feel or say what's really on their mind regardless of if they think they'll hurt my feelings; I'll jump to conclusions otherwise and feel accordingly lol:) I also like to smile and laugh at things that are and aren't funny:) Ummm....so post any jokes if you have them lol and if you're feeling down try hard to cheer someone else up. That way you'll be happy you've made someone happy(hopefully) and the person will be happy too:)

    Lol I JUST realized I hadnt given my name
    Kadie I am:P
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    studying abroad
    going on CTF
    praise and worshipping
    watching scary movies( although they totally keep me up for days)
    playing just dance 2
    maybe rock band also(I'm thinking about getting it)
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    pass the pre- IB and IB program
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    Miss terryous:P

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  1. Hello. I'm Jahsmun, figured I'd come around and introduce myself since I'm your CTF sister now! :D

  2. yes. Livin on a Prayer as in the song. :)

  3. Hello I just wanted to say hi. How have you been?


  4. How have you been? :)

  5. Kadie! :woot: how've you been? :D

  6. trueimage15

    Summer Reading Ideas?

    An ABSOLUTELY GREAT series that makes watching tv meaningful again. No lie, no kidding I recommend Madame Bovary, Great Expectations, the Tenth Circle
  7. trueimage15

    Would you _____ with me?

    lol, I'll try but would you use this emoticon? ETA: this may be more difficult than I thought lol
  8. I wish I was done with it like you *dreams of that time*

    Sweet dreams Haley, God bless :)

  9. Amen to that lol. :) high school is over

    I have to go, i'll ttyl chica! goodnite

  10. pretty well YAY SUMMER!!! XD

    And you? High school's a memory now, isn't it? :)