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  1. trueimage15

    Period Resolutions

    Do any of you have unique ways of preventing or resolving cramps? (OTHER THAN TAKING A PILL) Funny period stories are also welcome:thumbup:
  2. trueimage15

    Summer Reading Ideas?

    An ABSOLUTELY GREAT series that makes watching tv meaningful again. No lie, no kidding I recommend Madame Bovary, Great Expectations, the Tenth Circle
  3. trueimage15

    Would you _____ with me?

    lol, I'll try but would you use this emoticon? ETA: this may be more difficult than I thought lol
  4. I wish I was done with it like you *dreams of that time*

    Sweet dreams Haley, God bless :)

  5. pretty well YAY SUMMER!!! XD

    And you? High school's a memory now, isn't it? :)

  6. Lol, you know it! I missed you too CTF momma!!! :hug: x1000000000 :D

  7. trueimage15

    Would you _____ with me?

    lol you probably wouldn't want me to do that would you eat pizza with me? (not Pizza Hut pizza though)
  8. ???? Was that message really intended for me?

  9. It was good, and yours? :D

  10. Thanks, Happy Easter to you too! :D

  11. how is it possible to have a negative amount of CTF cash?

  12. Hey Megan, I'm Kadie! :D

    You're really sweet, thanks :)

    And I will do the same for you :)

    What tests do you have?

  13. trueimage15

    What are you doing?

    stressing, procrastinating, should be working on homework, but its like 9;30 and too much to do freakingoutfreakingoutfreakingoutfreakingoutfreakingout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 errrr..... and my mind is ssooooo not up for it XO and I have two tests tomorrow that determine whether or not I get an A in the class and I NEED straight A's this semester frakingoutfreakingoutfreakingout!!!!!!!!!!! :'C :'C :'C :'C ...............and I'm still procrastinating!!!!!!!! I want to sleep but I have to do hw and get an A, but its mentally draining/frustrating and AAAAGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying: I loathe high school
  14. oh woah, I see it now! Cool :D

  15. Haley, what's your avvie? o.0

  16. Happy Good Friday Momma! :D

    I'm well, how are you?:)

  17. Does anyone have any ideas or tips for studying for the AP Exams starting from now considering that the tests are in May? I reely, really, really want to excel, but I'm failing - horribly- on the practice exams Any info would be greatly appreciated
  18. no, but I didn't pass my first one :s
  19. I'm going to be taking the World History, US Gov.'t, and English Lang and Comp. exams Thanks everyone! hmm...how can I understand so much in such little time???
  20. OHMYGOSH!!!!

    You watch Game of Thrones too???!!!! :shocked: