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  1. Irrational? I don't believe its irrational in any sense of the word. Because of A (I don't believe abortion is murder, period) and B (The Holocaust brings up a singular connotation for me, period) I've come to the conclusion of C (they have made a mockery of the word for no other reason but to get more press. period) A + B = C or if you prefer math 1 + 2 = 3 This may differ from your opinion or you may think its irrational but its not, and it seems I'm not the only one who thinks they shouldn't have used the word. Like I have already said, I can't generalize the usage of the word Holocaust but in this case I believe its wrong, period.
  2. The fact is when you're putting on a "anti-bullying" campaign and then start preaching your morality/beliefs, it would be nearly universally accepted by almost everyone that it is the WRONG thing to do. Forget the nonsense about this being the wrong venue to do it, forget the nonsense that this group lied to school administrates - lets talk about the fact there could've been LGBTQ kids in that audience who were told this. If those kids choose to kill themselves, the blood is partially on this group's hands. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate me telling your kids why homosexuality is right and why they SHOULD be homosexuals - so back off, and I'll parent my kids; I don't need a school or who the school chooses to hire to do my job. Keep your preaching in a church, not an anti-bullying assembly.
  3. Isn't that war though? I mean all wars kill tens of thousands of innocent non-combative civilianz ... is it really much different when one solider goes nuts and kills 16 than us dropping one bomb that accidentally kills 160?
  4. Heads would absolutely be rolling at that school had I been a parent of one of the students and they were gay ... and if I was a school admin somebody would've been suspended for such stupidity to go through.
  5. As I've already said, there is a singular connotation for the Holocaust that comes to mind for me ... in this case I believe they were making a mockery of the word; we've gone through this already. I'd look at each individual case and assess the usage and then make a determination. Do you guys not understand what a personal opinion is?
  6. The bigger issues are why it wasn't vetted before the fact. Plus if I was a school admin I would've immediately put a stop to this nonsense. Its an anti-bullying assembly and you're standing up there preaching bologna and making people feel bad about who they really are - good job guys, you're so awesome. Why was there absolutely no oversight?
  7. Well, I already have. I don't believe something is a human until it can survive without a secondary system. In the case of a fetus, it is the female body sustaining life. As soon as it can survive outside the womb it becomes a human. Just because something has the potential for life doesn't mean it will live. In the case of The Holocaust, these were functioning, surviving adult human beings that were brutally murdered, tested on, and likely raped / sexually assaulted in the millions. (of documented cases, but likely tens of thousands went un-discovered) This particular pro-life group are nothing more than a gimmicky, shock-value group that through their name dumbs down what the Holocaust actually was/is. They aren't comparable, we didn't call what happened on 9/11 the Holocaust, we didn't call what happened in Japan when we dropped the nuclear weapons the Holocaust, we didn't call the interiment camps for the Japanese people in America the Holocaust. But by all means lets actually find some jewish families that were effected by the actual Holocaust if they appreciate this terminology (something tells me they won't) Like I had told Haley, when you bring up the word Holocaust there is a singular connotation that comes to mind, period. Choose a different name and stop the gimmicks.
  8. Well yes, duh. I have already said I do not place the same value of a first trimester fetsus being aborted as I do with something that can survive without a secondary system being killed. So yes you are correct - they aren't the same in my definition. Also Haley you can quote the definition of holocaust all you want but you and I both know the Holocaust as a word is unequivocally synonymous with the events of WWII ... period. I also believe the group name has weight on forming an opinion about the groups behavior. If a group is going to use a name like this, one would imagine they rely on shock value so it wouldn't be terribly far fetched to believe they were doing more than just peacefully protesting. The group name / actions can go hand in hand - they are both relevant topics.
  9. Trying to compare abortion to the slaughtering (ethnic-cleansing) of some 6 million fully functioning people is extremely distasteful and devalues all the lives that were taken during WWII. I'm sure if you asked family members of those who were killed in during the holocaust if they appreciated some pro-life group making a mockery of the word, that they would say no. I honestly can not believe some of you are defending their choice of words.
  10. von

    Masurbation is a sin.

    I think the bigger issue is why 90% of the threads on this section are about masturbation. What is the ratio of people seriously struggling / trolling.
  11. von

    Obama: Worst President Ever?

    Right. because you can't criticize or critique something you use.
  12. Of course the story is changing, I mean it would never possibly be the fact these protesters were going above and beyond a peaceful protest and interfering in the flow of things. *facepalm* These girls were told in simple terms "we don't want this on our campus." they did so anyway, they got arrested - end of story. wouldn't matter if they are pro-life, pro-choice. Also what nonsense of a name to call your group, I'm sure the people who actually died (their family members) in the holocaust really appreciate it.
  13. Some how I don't think the whole story is being discussed. Every anti-abortion protest I've seen is filled with belligerent people but who knows maybe these two were bucking the trend.
  14. oh yes because the united states just started killing its own citizens ... It isn't like there is a long history of this behavior.
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    watch the video then comment.