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    I am a 25-year old political philosophy, grad student. I spent six-years in the desert of atheism, and I believe that my rekindled faith is stronger for it—perhaps a Hegelian transformation towards a/theism, if you will. I practice my Roman Catholic faith within a radical and postmodern tradition. I follow a Christus Victor understanding of atonement and the belief that the Gospel demands we replace the law and retributive justice with relational love and restorative justice.
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    I am supremely interested in philosophy, particularly in its political, social and religious contexts. I also enjoy writing sapphic romance stories.
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    Roman Catholicism/Panentheism
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  1. This place is dead, Wesker. Fly away little bird, fly away.

    1. Wesker


      If you are still here, why can't I pop in every so often?

  2. Yes, but if you exclude transgender from the notion of bisexuality, then you muddy the waters a little too much. So, for example, there are plenty of heterosexual men who are attracted to transgender girls. I am firmly in the belief that bisexuality is the most abstract category for sexual orientation, and that all of the other categories are mere determinants of this category. You can derive everything from the binary play of gender that bisexuality encompasses. Pansexuality, as I understand it, is not properly a sexual orientation (which is based on gendered relations), so much as a sexual disposition which favors personality over body, an attraction to the personality over the sex of the body. That is, pansexuality is an identity which seeks to step outside of sexual orientation altogether; or at least, that is the only way the identity carries significant meaning.
  3. I do not believe this is something that people on an online forum can help you with. This is a serious anxiety issue that has resulted from traumatic experiences that you are transferring to every new situation you encounter. You are preemptively striking out at them before they can strike out at you. If your school has counseling, I suggest making yourself available to it, because they should be able to help you better than anyone only can. While I know something about psychology and psychoanalysis, nothing I can give you would be able to match what real counseling can do for you.
  4. Papers on Technique by Sigmund Freud
  5. Over vacation I read: Watership Down by Richard Adams Light by MIchael Grant Just finished up with: Theology of the World by Johann Baptist Metz Will be starting in a few minutes: Book I: Freud's Papers on Technique by Jacques Lacan
  6. "Apart from these physiological complications there is no way of judging the psychological effects of abortions – particularly when in most cases it is prompted, not because the child is unwanted (as we are told) but because the family feels it cannot afford the child, because of the rotten conditions they are struggling to live under. The liberals cry out about the “back street” abortionists – the butchers, but as a result of their campaigns, legal abortion has become legalized butchery!" — Abortion, Population Control, Genocide, Canadian Party of Labour
  7. Why is it that you find him or her so attractive?
  8. Why would it be sinful?
  9. In Roman Catholicism, we pray to Archangels (Michael, Gabriel and Raphael) to intercede to God on our behalf and to assist us with the particular power that has been privileged to them. The most common angelic prayer is: St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness, and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray. And do you, O prince of the Heavenly Host, cast into hell, Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl through the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.
  10. I was homeschooled and look at how I turned out.
  11. Lord, Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession by Scott Hahn.
  12. I was channeling my best, Bertrand Russel as a dinosaur impression.
  13. It is not uncomfortable to view men as oppressed, it is just blatantly wrong. The central problem with masculinism is that it conceptualizes the negative consequences of domination as being oppression against men. That is, men have a hegemonic position throughout history and that position of privilege comes with the cost of maintaining it. The masculinist argument is as absurd as arguing: in ancient slave domination systems, the slave-owners are the ones who are oppressed, because it is their civic duty to maintain the system, fight if need be, and the slaves are the ones who have the upper hand, because they have no civic duties, never have to fight for the nation. The alpha male of a pack always has to fight to ward off competitors. The alpha male is not oppressed, because he is dominant. The struggles which arise, come from that dominant position. Since I tire of this absurd masculinist position that women are just as bad rapists as men, I am only going to say that I am doubtful of the masculinist use of the CDC report due to reasons such as these and these.
  14. 我也很好。但是,我只会读简体汉字。