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    Let's see,
    I'm Ciara Faith Parker.
    I am 17 and soon to be a Sr in HS.
    I'm me.
    I'm not afraid to show people what I really think,
    I do not judge,
    I go to Victory Life Church
    every Sunday and Wednesday sometimes more.
    I play softball and volleyball.
    I am a huge fan of "I AM SECOND",
    I play instruments.
    I love music.

    The Lord is my Shepard.
    If you want to know more about me, or my life you can message me. :)
    Follow me on:
    Twitter- Craz33me
    Instagram- Ditto
    Tumblr- craz33me.tumblr.com
    and my blog,

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    ohhhhhhklahoma. :)
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    Writing poetry.
    Blogging. <3
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    Student. <3
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    Non Denominational.
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    Ciara Faith<3
  1. I have a new blog, it's mostly for my poems, but I've been posting other stuff too. http://ciaraswonderfulramblings.wordpress.com
  2. Hey does any of our users use Skype? I love it. I don't know why, but I enjoy talking to people on it, and I don't really have very many contacts. So Anyone?
  4. Lol, I live in Oklahoma already so it wouldn't be much of a change on the tornado wise. And males could play co-ed softball, just a thought.
  5. Thanks.
  6. OBU, Oklahoma Baptist University, just offered me a scholarship to play softball for their college. I'm so excited I don't know what to do. But they're up there in my top favorite colleges.
  7. C- Call Me Maybe- Carly Ray Jepsen R- Replay - Iyaz A- Awesome God- Hillsong Z- Zoe Jane- Staind 3- 3 AM- Matchbox Twenty 3- 3- Brittney Spears (HATE this song, but it starts with 3. :3) M- Magic- B.o.B. E- Epic- Manic Drive
  8. Thank you.
  9. What makes me mad is that she has big plans for us when she makes an excuse about me not being able to go somewhere, and then we never do what she says we're going to do. I've tried talking to her and so has my dad it's impossible!
  10. Thank you.
  11. My mom is seriously starting to make me angry. I'm a good kid, go to church, GREAT grades, play sports, eat real well, never smoked or drank. She has no reason not to trust me. I have never lied to her. I've never snuck out anything that would give her a legit reason! I'm 17 and a senior in Highschool I never get to go out on weekends like everyone else. The only time I do is on Saturdays and I get to go to my boyfriends house, but not without a fight. And she says I'm never home blah blah, which also isn't true. If I'm not at school or church I'm home. I don't understand what the big deal is. My boyfriend went to the movies with his sister and her boyfriend and wanted me to go but didn't even bother asking my mom cause he knew she wouldn't say yes. And NOW she told my dad that I'm friends with drug dealers on facebook, that I've been hanging out with them at school, that I met them through my boyfriend, that he's the reason I'm not going to church, and everything else. Number one: I don't know anyone who is a drug dealer or even does drugs that I'm aware of cause none of my friends do, Number two: Again. I don't know anyone. Number three: My boyfriend doesn't either and if he's not at home he's at my house, so it's not like he hangs out with any that are. I know his friends and I know they're not like that. Number four: I haven't been going to church lately because we've been playing volleyball (that's all we do on Weds. and we have a small lesson on Sun. then it turns to volleyball till about 9) I just got burned out of it. And there's been an issue with some of the people that go there, like a certain ex who thinks he's still in love with me when he cheated on me and abused me mentally and physically. I just don't get HER.:sad:
  12. Well, I was just curious because while I am yes in a christian home, I don't agree with my mother about some things. Idk. I was just wondering cause I've stopped going but it's not like I stopped believing.
  13. Can you be a christian and not go to church on a regular basis?
  14. Hello, I just came back too! Welcome back.