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    Somewhere over the rainbow! :)
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    God! (Of course) Music, Shopping, Friends, Dancing, Photography, Dreaming! :)
    I like to capture memories on camera so I can look back at them in years to come, I'm not a pro photographer or anything but I always carry my camera! I used to never be seen without a book in my hand but then I got a laptop, haha!
    Joined CTF for friendly advice on issues that I might not be able to talk about face to face. Usually quite shy but if you start a convo, I'll continue it! :)
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  1. YAAAY, I am glad you're doing good!! :woot: I am good also, thanks! Ooo, that is exciting!! :woot: What do you want to study for at university? :D

  2. I am good thanks, you? Been busy applying for uni at the moment which is exciting and scary!!

  3. Jessica!! :woot: I am glad you've come back! :D

    I am good, thanks. How have you been?! :D

  4. Hi Micaila, sorry not been around for AGES, had a self-imposed internet ban so I could focus on revising for exams in January and just not had much time since then either. Anyway, how are you? :)

  5. Jessica!! Where you go? D:

  6. Aww. :( How is school going? And thanks! :D that's good it is brightening up there too!! :woot:

  7. Friday :( which is a really silly day to go back seeing as it is then the weekend. - may as well wait until monday! Not sure what the teachers were thinking. Glad it is sunny where you are, it has been brightening up here too! :)

  8. That sounds like a BLAST!! :woot: Ah yeah, we've been getting rain here too, haha. Right now it is sunny though. :D I haven't been up to much, I think I am on summer break, but I'm not sure, haha. When do you start school? :D

  9. Just been enjoying time off from college over the summer (not that we are having summer weather - lots of rain :( )and working a lot of extra days. What about you?

  10. That's AWESOME!! :woot: And don't worry about it. :) Things have been going SPECTACULAR, thanks!! :D

    What have you been up to?

  11. Hi Micaila, I'm good, not been posting much on here recently so sorry for late reply. How are things with you? :)

  12. Jessica!! :woot: How've you been?!

  13. Thanks! :D Did you have a good Easter?

  14. Thanks, and you too! :)