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    hi guys :) My name is Blaine and im 13 years old. I love music and electronics and mainly GOD TIMES ONE MILL! P: (like i said in the "interests" section) and it's awesome I found this! I like chat rooms and stuff so when i found out there was CHRISTIAN chat rooms online, i had to google it :) it leaded me to here, and it looks roomy. Thanks so much to you guys CTF! :D
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    Not Available Due To Personal Reasons
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    Music, electronics (its pretty cool how their made), and saving the best for last....GOD TIMES ONE MILLION!!(:
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    Uh...school? lol
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  1. Hi! This is Dan, you sent me a friend request.. I don't remember making your aquintence..? Who art thou? ;P and why doest thouest want to be my friend?

  2. fanofmusic98

    I'm sick 90% of the time. :(

    im sorry
  3. Heeeeyyy, :)

    Welcome to CTF

  4. fanofmusic98

    Would you go to a psychiatrist if..

    I don't know. If it was like, a voice in the back of my head that said that right when it happened, i would prob see my preacher/pastor first and told him this scenario. but yeah. so you could say "maybe"
  5. fanofmusic98

    What's your favorite kind of meat?

    probably beef or something .-.
  6. fanofmusic98

    (Guys Only) Do your pants sag?

    Lol I'd sap em about an inch or so, but my principal get really mad at us if our HAIR is below our eyebrows. Long story short, my school really is strict, sometimes not in a good way .-.
  7. fanofmusic98

    Would you ever adopt?

    I want to adopt a child when I'm a parent But yeah...
  8. fanofmusic98

    Do any of you ever feel...

    I'm always insane. It's a specialty of mine. Of Course I iz. (yeah you heard me lol)
  9. Heyy! Thanks for adding me :D Welcome to the forums!

  10. fanofmusic98

    Name your favorite song by each band you listen to :)

    I'll probably think of more later but here it is TobyMac - Get Back Up .....what you think this is the end of it? .....it is xD wow. I am drawing a blank today. mainly cuz its 12:37 and ive been woozy. lolz
  11. fanofmusic98


    You can never fail with nyan cat. Teacher: Johnny, whats the square root of 2591759.6? Johnny: Uh...nyan cat. Teacher: Gee Johnny, thats ..... *astonishes* correct! Good job! My example is legit!
  12. fanofmusic98


    I've been sick all day with an annoying knot on my neck near my ear. I got sick yesterday after school with a 103 degree fever and just plain out feeling like crap and slept all day yesterday, and now i have been home all day from school still with a knot and feeling weird, but im a little better, but its like midnight and im wide awake o_o ill probably go to sleep by 1 or so. (if i can lol) wish me luck :3
  13. Oh dude please private message me! I know my advice might not help, but please ask away if you need it Sincerely, Blaine