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    Hey There, I'm Andrew. I'm 15 years old, I come from England, I'm a Hockey player, I am a skateboarder, I love my cats. c:
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    Music, Techno, Heelys, School, Shuffling, Card tricks,
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  1. Hey, welcome to CTF.

  2. Crayon

    Hello. o:

    You can call me anything, but most people call me Andy. Lol, thanks guys. c: - Andrew.
  3. Crayon

    Hello. o:

    Ohay there, I forgot to tell you guys who i am, xD Ohay, Well.. I'm Andrew, I'm 15 Years old, I'm From England, :3 yeahh.. just wanted to say hello ! c: - Andrew.
  4. Crayon

    What book are you reading now?

    The Lovely Bones. c:
  5. I've been through something like this before, if you really think, you want to rebuild this relationship/friendship, your going to half to just pull him out.. and talk to him, don't give him a choice, just talk to him.. tell him how you feel, and how you think about this, and tell him about your point of the story, hopefully he'll understand, - Andrew.
  6. Crayon

    My anime drawing

    o: thats so amazing. ;D - Andrew.
  7. Crayon

    Favorite Christian Bands

    Luminate, John Mark McMillan, Chris Tomlion, <- Favorites. c:
  8. Crayon

    My mom...

    I explained to her, but because I have 3 sisters, and they're all in relationships with boys, and my mom says, God doesn't accept homosexual's or bisexual's. it's like, I don't know what to do, But i will defently sit down with her soon, and explain to her, that she'll still get grandchildren, even if they're Adopted, but yeah.. It's just putting me through really bad depression, and I don't want this one little problem between my mom and I, to take me to cutting or anything, I just got off over Anorexia, My mom isn't the best person to sort things out, but i'm going to have to sort things out with her, because i don't want to end up mad at her forever. Thanks for the help. - Andrew.
  9. Crayon

    Hey.......what are your hobbies?

    My Hobbies, are loving cats, my three cats, Beano, Blackie, Bruno, c: i love my cats.♥ They are my life. but, my other hobbies are, Skateboarding, and drawing. and playing guitar.
  10. Crayon

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Daft Punk - Technologic c:
  11. Over the past months, my mom & I, have been getting into many fights, But like.. at times she just doesn't except me for who I am, like who I date, or hang out with... I want to talk to her about it, about me being Gay, or being bisexual, but with the point of my mom being homophobic, why should i do?
  12. I was just in a LDR, it lasted 4 months, what makes it last, or work.. is just follow your heart, don't let anybody put you down for not actually being close the that person, Long distance relation ships are the hardest, but like, they'll work out if you just do what makes you b.o.t.h happy. c': God bless ya'