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  1. Jay


    Welcome to the forum, Mia Z! I believe the best way to create peace in the world is by never reproducing! Both Muslims and Christians alike have been given a bad reputation because of their many fanatics claiming to profess their faith. The only way to end this discord is through letting the human raise die out. Hope you enjoy CTF! Jay
  2. Jay

    Don't want lose my pet on Christmas...

    I am happy for your frog.
  3. Jay

    Obama Joker poster contest winner dies at 33

    Maybe Obama killed him for making a mockery of AMERICA???
  4. Jay

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Buggin' (Lip Mix) - The Flaming Lips
  5. Jay

    Christian men wearing necklaces

    If you expect us to take you seriously when you make claims, you do need a source. I don't watch TV and do not believe I've ever seen an ad for necklaces. If you base tradition off of what you see on TV advertisements, I think it's time you turn it off and find something productive to do. But if you would like to continue your argument, I would very much like to see these commercials you watch as well as your marketing research. Also, it wouldn't hurt you to read Bewildebeest's comment in regards to males and females having different fashion even if they are wearing the same basic thing: I'm not one of the people making said claims to the OP's father, but I would say your argument is once again silly. If I say you are gay because your screen name is Pointer, doesn't that come off as me trying to insult you by claiming you have a sexuality that I assume you disapprove of? Saying a man is sexually attracted to men *because* he wears a necklaces is more than likely intended to belittle the necklace wearer. And if the insult, being gay, is indeed meant to be taken as an insult, that is belittling the entire homosexual community by using their sexuality to mean something bad or inferior.
  6. Knowing you enjoyed it made my day <3 Merry Christmas.

  7. Jay

    Christian men wearing necklaces

    My theory does not fall, as evidence by the source I gave. I was just basing my statement on statistical evidence by using your generalized and unsupported claims as a shell. I've seen plenty of men wearing necklaces and many women not wearing necklaces, so I do not hold to your "traditional" statement especially when you can't back it up with anything.
  8. Jay

    Legalizing Drugs

    I'm in favor of decriminalization. As soon as you make drugs legal, the government, either at the state or federal level, will jump on to make laws regulating who is/isn't allowed to use whatever substance. This will likely lead down to similar policies as dictated for drinking. If states don't decide to ruin people for using something, the feds sure will. Or they could loophole around and require states to or lose their tax money (as in the case of alcohol). Decriminalization means it's not a crime but it's not legal. There's the most freedom in this, as anyone, regardless of having a prescription or having a ton of money or reaching a certain age, will face the same penalties for use: none.
  9. Jay

    Berlin, Pirates, and Ponies

    This made my day. I love that party.
  10. Jay

    Judicial Activism v. Judicial Restraint

    For the first part, I was referring to felons. Should have been more clear there. Second part, read my last paragraph from my previous post. I am not saying children are mature enough to be granted complete equality as adults, I'm just saying there should not be double standards, such as with drinking. If you drink under 21, you are bogged down with huge fines, possible jail time and mandatory community service and enrollment in other programs. If you are too immature to be able to handle your own alcohol consumption, you should not be punished in the way that underage drinkers are in America. My entire point is that there is a clear double standard, where the only thing holding you from jail time or thousands of dollars in fines, is your age.
  11. Jay

    Should I stay or should I go

    I REMEMBERED HIM GOSH. It's just I didn't think someone else would try to steal him so soon upon my leave.
  12. Hey, just wanted to say I finished The Soft Bulletin Companion. Great album, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  13. Jay


    I agree, it's terrible that Singapore has outlawed gum. But I've talked to someone from there once and apparently they don't really enforce that rule, but most people don't chew gum either.
  14. Jay

    Auto-Save feature

    This has saved me from retyping posts many times. Handy dandy.
  15. Jay

    Hi all

    Welcome to CTF Jenni! At 16 in the UK you already have a lot of rights that many American adults don't, but it's good to know you're responsible enough to be thinking about the future as an independent adult. Hope you enjoy it here.