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    Legalizing Drugs

    Mintchocochip, Marijuana isn't the only drug. And if more people would doing it, it would have to be grown on a larger scale. And why would people want to take dangerous drugs? What about all the people who would struggle with addiction? How that would negatively affect the entire country?
  2. :-( PS, please make me a counselor! I want green for my name font!

  4. Then perhaps you could change rule four? If someone came on the site and said "I'm an atheist." That could be termed advertising another religion. But I doubt someone would find anything offensive about that.
  5. I've only been on CTF a few weeks but I've seen a lot of... well, what is to me semi-disturbing... "facts" about other religions (such as my religion of Buddhism) made by members. Some of these statements were simply not true. Of course, I doubt these statements were made in malice to intentionally spread lies. The fact is that such statements could lead to misinformation among CTFers about other religions. I think a lot of people become so focused on their religion/denomination that they have little information about beliefs which are different than their own. So, I was thinking maybe a non-Christian version of the Ask A Christian version may be a possibility? Or maybe simply a discussion forum specificially for interfaith topics? This forum would not promote other religions. It would simply ask questions about religions that are not Christianity, such as Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, Humanism, etc. The purpose of the forum, I think it would promote theological knowledge for people who are simply interested it. I highly doubt it would lead to the conversion of members from Christianity to other religions. If that were a worry, it could be password protected perhaps? Knowledge about other religions can help promote interfaith discussion and education, thus promoting tolerance and understanding. Theological discussion is also beneficial for learning religious history, which Christianity is apart of. For example, Judaism is apart of Christianity's religious history because it wouldn't exist without Judaism as a pre-text. And religions like Islam, Sikhism, and Baha'i would not have existed without Christianity. So, it could very much enchance education about Christianity's impact on the world and other faiths. Thanks for reading, -Vince
  6. Aloha. :-) Welcome to CTF. I'm Vince, resident Buddhist. Just wanted to welcome you.

  7. Invincible

    Legalizing Drugs

    For the record, I strongly oppose tobacco, alcohol, and drugs (unless for whatever reason, they may be beneficial to cure or treat a viable medical problem). What people fail to realize is that all drugs have some effect on the mind/body. This is why people want them. If drugs had no effect on a person, no one would want to do them. Even marijuana, which is often seen as harmless, is harmful because it impairs your judgement and could be laced with harmful chemicals or other drugs (such as "angel dust/PCP"). There is no difference between diving drunk and driving stoned. Then you have to take into account all of the crime, gangs, and deaths that the drug trade generates worldwide. It wouldn't matter if America legalized them. A large majority of drugs are not grown in America. They're grown in countries where it's illegal. So that gives two options: Americans buying the bulk of their drugs illegally from foreign countries or America begins growing its own product. If America buys the bulk of their drugs from foreign countries, we're increasing crime rates in those countries. If America makes its own product, we must waste what limited farmland we have in a country where 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger to grow drugs just so people can have a little more fun on the weekends. We could use that land to grow wheat or corn and feed millions. Economically, drug legalization will cost a lot of money if you think about it. If a person's habit becomes addiction, they will need rehab, which costs money. If a person overdoses, that will cost money. If a person goes brain dead from flooding their body with drugs, that will cost money. Crime will increase as addictions increase because people will be more inclined to steal to fund their habits and to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Crime leads to more prisoners, which cost money to house and feed. Families where one or both parents are addicted or go to prison for drug-related reasons will hurt the entire family emotionally and financially. DWIs will increase and paying fines for it and fixing automobile damage will cost money. Not to mention the turmoil that friends and families will go through while their loved ones deal with addictions. That being said, no, I don't support the legalization of drugs.
  8. Invincible

    Protesting Abortion - Graphic Signs

    Opalecent, there is a BIG difference between pro-life and anti-choice. Anti-choice means you have a political, social, and/or legal agenda to outlaw abortion. Pro-life means you are opposed to abortion. Pro-life people may or may not be anti-choice. There are many pro-life people who do not support outlawing abortion. I just wanted to clarify that. :-)
  9. Invincible

    Protesting Abortion - Graphic Signs

    I believe abortion is OK. So people who encourage others to not exercise their civil liberties and encourage women not to take control of their bodies, I have no respect for them. Christian groups that promote abstinence only sex education are one of the reasons why many young people get pregnant. Their churches are telling their parents to not tell their children how to use condoms (or birth control at all), which leads to girls getting pregnant in the first place. All the anti-choice people need to do is put their efforts into promoting birth control and condoms. If more people used birth control, there would be less abortions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Anti-choice groups should focus their resources into preventing unwanted pregnancies. Standing outside clinics and on streets holding up hate signs doesn't help anyone.
  10. I have Ronald. I've decided Christianity isn't for me so I'm going to become more devoted to Buddhism and look into acheiving Enlightenment. Thanks for helping me make my decision. :-)
  11. Because LGBTIQ is an important subject to me. But like I said after today, Ive lost 98% of my interest in Christianity.
  12. Invincible

    What the HECK

    Being happy and letting another human being comfort another human being isn't productive?
  13. If it's for procreation, all those things would be forbidden completely.