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    17 year-old who loves God.
    I started this account because I love learning from people and would occasionally like to take part in the debate forum.
    I also seem REALLY formal when I write things online, especially when I am debating. Its a habit formed from school papers. Sorry if it makes me seem uptight. I'm actually a pretty chill person once you get to know me.

    So, the biography above seems pretty lame, or at least to me, so let me be a little more fun.

    I love, and I mean LOVE to discuss philosophy. Its been that way since 9th grade. It started when I began to wonder about time. I spent many nights with hardly any sleep just thinking about time. Wasn't until I read "Mere Christianity" that I was able to sleep again.
    Lol, I just realized that the above paragraph may have made me seem like a boring person. You know, like the person who does math equations in his head for fun. Well in a way I am. But don't worry about the boring part.
    I love music in almost all of its forms (screamo being one of them). I also love video games. Nuff said.

    Oh guess what this geek likes to do
    Breakdance xD
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    God, Philosophy, Video games, people, sarcasm.
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  1. Plazmodium

    Should we kill the abortion doctors?

    There you have somewhat pointed out the question I asked earlier. My question was that if abortion doctors are mass murderers, why don’t we kill them. Now I’m not going to go out and kill them, but I am trying to figure out why that is the case. Probably it is because that sort of response would be detrimental to our cause and the best course of action would to take it to court and make it illegal. An appeal to emotion. Here’s a summary of that argument: This person will be more miserable if she lets her baby live. The baby will also be miserable if he lives. If the baby dies before birth then the person will be less miserable and the baby wont be miserable. She should kill the baby so she will be less miserable and he wont be miserable. (miserable is used to mean the resulting state that would be attained from the lack of finances and adequate nourishment) Now, I am not going to deal with rape and abortion. I do not have a formed view on that and to say anything on that right now would make me look like a fool. What I am trying to point out is that your argument has errors because the appeal to emotions allows for death to be caused when people are under miserable conditions. Let me take your argument and put it like this: A mom is miserable because she kept a baby who she got after being raped. Her baby is miserable. If her baby is killed she will be less miserable and the baby will stop being miserable. She should kill the baby. Now of course the mother shouldn’t do this. She should give the baby up for adoption. But the appeal to emotions you used says that under the miserable conditions death is acceptable. I know I might seem either crazy or stupid to the other side's viewpoint. So please show me where I am wrong, the last thing I would want to be is misinformed.
  2. Plazmodium

    The Christian should die.

    Well violence would only be done if Egypt were to start rounding up the Christians and killing them. That leads to the question I gave in the last post. You have shown me that peace is a desired option, but the Armenians have shown me that fighting back can be a viable alternative. Now I don't know what is the exact moment going to war would become better than peace. I know when a government is killing Christians is a pre-requisite. But I don't know of any other pre-requisites that would allow it. I guess that since killing all the Christians (or attempting to) would be an act of genocide, the Christians would have justification in fighting back.
  3. Plazmodium

    Zelda or Mario?

    Both games are classics and that makes it really hard to choose. If you want general game play, go with Mario. If you want a good story, go with Legend of Zelda Since they are both great. You can flip a coin if you can't decide.
  4. Plazmodium

    The Christian should die.

    I think we are beginning to find some common ground. I agree that the way the Roman church react was probably the best thing they could have done! And I also think what the Armenians did was the best thing they could have done. My only questions is what should we do if we suffer persecution? Should we do as the Romans did? Or should we do as the Armenians did? It seems when it is likely that you can lead others to salvation, peace is the best way to go, but when it is unlikely anyone will get saved then war is a viable option. So that brings up the culture head of the dragon. When both heads of the dragon are after you, you must fight. But when only one head is after you, then there is hope you can convince the other head to save you.
  5. Wonderful performance! Thank you so much for your informative and speedy response! The trilemma does have serious problems, and it makes flawed assumptions about God, good, and evil. You pointed that out very well!
  6. Plazmodium

    7 billionth baby born

    "When all the world is overcharged with inhabitants, then the last remedy of all is war, which provideth for every man, by victory or death." -Hobbes I agree with JAG more people is nice, when in line with Christian Doctrine. I also agree with Von that more people also has negative effects. Having more people on earth can possible contribute to increasing the chance that we have more people who can help technology leap forward. But it also means there is an added chance that the world will not be able to sustain itself. Also, being the 7 billionth child born will be an awesome thing to tell others xD
  7. Thanks JAG! I posted a comment on your youtube video that tries to describe the Trilemma. I also referred to a video that would probably explain the Trilemma better.
  8. Plazmodium

    The Christian should die.

    You used Rome as an analogy and said that the Christians were persecuted because being called Atheists, having the wells poisoned, and Rome burning. But it was also do their different beliefs (the Romans were pagans and the Christians were monotheistic). Also you said that reacting violently would only lengthen the time of persecution. This was not the case for Rome. Rome's persecution on Christianity lasted at least 70 years (to be extremely conservative). Now lets look at my point about the Battle of Avarayr. The people, instead of giving up Christianity, fought against the opposing armies. Even though they lost the initial battle, they continued to fight with guerrilla tactics. After 33 years the Persians signed a treaty with the Armenians and gave them religious freedom. I think that there is a good enough example to show that going to war is acceptable. Now this does not take away anything from the martyrs in Rome. From your points I can see peace is a viable option, but I also see that, from the Armenians, resistance is viable as well. Please don't think I am crazy or anything. The I seemed to be convinced war is acceptable. I may very well be wrong, but I might be right. So please bear with me if I am missing something. I genuinely do want to know what the correct response is.
  9. I just watched part of those videos. They are really interesting! If you are still accepting topics (and when you find the time to make another video) would you mind giving your response to the Euthyphro Trillemma? I am currently trying to form a response to it and I would love to know what other people have to say.
  10. Plazmodium

    What causes teenage alcoholism

    What causes teenage alcoholism? Alcohol The fact that it is there allows for alcoholism. This isn't against drinking alcohol though.
  11. Plazmodium

    The Christian should die.

    I don't find myself fully convinced of your argument. If the dragon is going to kill everyone, one person stomping on his toe really wont change the outcome, unless the dragon is annoyed so much by the toe stomping that it decided to leave to people alone. Look up Battle of Avarayr for an example.
  12. I've have plenty in mind. But I'll say one for now. Moral Relativism- Its self-explanatory. It believes morals are relative to the person and that there is no objective moral value. I don't think there is a more potentially dangerous view than this. It can tell a person that the only person who has rights is himself. It is true some people who have adopted this view aren't dangerous. Fortunately those people are not the kind of people to kill. But when a mad man adopts this view he will see this as justification to murder. When a politician adopts this view he can cause all sorts of ill things in his government. And when a mad sovereign adopts this view, the world becomes in danger of another world war.
  13. Plazmodium

    The Christian should die.

    Interesting. I looked up some more quotes on it and many of them are against war. I wonder why they were against war, and what kinds of war. St. Augustine seemed to be fine with a "just" war and I wonder if the other early church fathers would have promoted a "just" (whatever that means) war. Anyway, you guys have steered my view. Its hard to accept, but I may have to die peaceably if Christians are being killed. Now if there is a just cause for war, then I may not have to go out peaceably. I am going to look into that as well
  14. Plazmodium

    The Christian should die.

    Well I never saw the killing as an attack, rather in defense. I never said to start war, but if they are persecuting Christians with death, I guess that is an act of war. But you did bring up a good question about Christians not starting a war with Rome. That was probably because they were to weak to fight against Rome. Even the Spartans were no match for more. Regardless, that is an interesting point and I will look into it. Now in response to your analogy of the Dragon. Stomping on the Dragon's toe would do way more than standing still. If the Dragon is going to kill you there isn't much one can do except resist.
  15. Plazmodium

    Have You Ever

    Yup, I went to visit my family on the east coast for a month. Have you ever talked to a person who was talking to someone on a blue tooth (Like when a man says hello and you say hello back. Then he ask how are you and you respond, then you find out he is talking to someone else on his blue tooth)